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The best price of Landscape Paintings in Pakistan is Rs. 24,840 and estimated average price is Rs. 24,840.


Landscape paintings capture mountain views, water bodies such as lakes and seaside beaches, nature trails and village scenes being able to transport the viewer to a beautiful place from the comfort of their home or office. These paintings are popularly hung in the lounge area where a group of people can enjoy the scenery while chatting and spending time together.


Home Decor 

The beautiful landscapes of Pakistan have snow peak mountains and lunch green valleys that are peaceful and relaxing. The chance to bring that relaxation into your home can be healing after a hard day of work, during a stressful time while also decorating your walls with a meaningful celebration of nature. These paintings can easily be matched with wall paint, furniture and overall aesthetics of the home. 

Landscape paintings bring the outside into the home without needing a window or opening, they can open up space by offering the illusion of a beautiful scene. There are European style paintings that offer canyons and valleys with details of farmers, people and other animals inhabiting these landscapes. The colours are bright and natural making them blend into the environment of the home. 

Office Decor 

Landscape paintings also offer the same relaxing effects when used as decoration in offices. Employees can enjoy some moments of serenity while working on deadlines and under stress. They are a great way to create a friendly and welcoming environment in common areas and lobby areas of the office. The bright colours can be used in contrast to the monochrome colours of office furniture.  

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Mountains Landscape Painting Rs. 24,840
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