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The best price of Lapel Pins in Pakistan is Rs. 150 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,117.


An accessory that is worn on the lapel of one's blazer. Lapel pins are available in many different designs, some are just images while some have text, the possibilities are endless. The price of a lapel pin is lower-end unless it is from a famous designer or is made from precious materials.


Lapel Pins

Also known as enamel pins, a lapel pin is worn on the lapel of one's blazer. It can be purely for accessorial purposes or can show support for a cause, country or political party/agenda. The latter purposes allow wearers to feel like they are a part of something larger than them. Lapel pins from organizations are often collected. One of the most commonly collected and traded pin collections is from Disney.

A lapel pin can be designed in many different ways. There are colour versions or just pure metal examples. There are some that are made from precious materials such as gold, silver or have stones set in them. 

The pin can be held in place by various methods. The most common one is the butterfly clasp, others include jewellery clutches, safety pin clasps, magnetic clasps, screw and nut or a simple stick pin.

The back of the lapel pin also has a stamp that can tell you the serial number, make and more.


Lapel pins are not usually costly items unless it belongs to a famous design or jewellery house.

Price List

Model Price
Mustafavi 3d Metal Lapel pin by Saariya's Green Rs. 2,100
Customize Name Coat Pin, Lapel Pin, Name Brooch Rs. 1,299
Mustafavi 3d Metal Lapel pin by Saariya's Pitch B… Rs. 2,500
Mustafavi 3d Metal Lapel pin by Saariya's Dark Gr… Rs. 2,100
Lapel Pin LP-82 Rs. 950
Mohnblume Lapel Pin Rs. 3,000
Lapel Pin LP-83 Rs. 950
Leaves Lapel Pin Men Women Boutonniere Stick Suit… Rs. 399
Stick coat lapel pin Rs. 956
Gerritt - Lapel Pin Rs. 1,050
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