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The cooling pad offers an incline making it easier to work on the keyboard and a cooling fan with high speed will instantly start to cool the laptop. The cooling pad that has a desk table feature will create space under the laptop that can be used for other important stationery, food and papers while working.

Pros & Cons


  • Inexpensive

  • Reliable & Durable

  • Lightweight

  • USB charged

  • A dual cooling fan built into the laptop table


  • Catch dust easily


Increased Productivity 

A laptop is usually powered on for 8 to 15 hours a day. It is  running all day at work and then at home for personal TV watching and gaming leaving it as risk of overheating. The motherboard and other hardware components of the laptop can start to heat up if the fan cooling system is not strong enough to bring t back down to optimal temperature. The intensive processing abilities of laptops increase the chances of it overheating but it is essential to cool it down with a laptop cooling pad or a laptop table, laptop cover as this quickly saves it from heat damage.


Cooling Pads are usually lightweight built to be slim and portable making them easy to carry along with the laptop device. They have attractive designs with breathable metal or plastic mesh on the front to allow airflow passage from the main fans to the laptop. The LED blue lights are used as indicators for power and the fans have adjustable cooling suiting in order to create the perfect optimum temperature for the laptop. They are not comfortable to be used placed on the user's lap, it is better to have them placed on the work desk for best performance.  


The term overclocking is frequently used by experienced gamers playing AAA game titles and PS4 games including Call of Duty and Assasins Creed. The several hours of gameplay with advanced GPU hardware easily heats up the aluminium or plastic chassis of a laptop.
To aggressively combat this issue of overheating there are a variety of cooling pads now offered that provide fast fans that increase the airflow underneath the laptop. They are compatible with all laptops, Ultrabooks, notebooks, or netbooks up to 17 inches in size.


The various cooling pads are sold separately and as an adjustable laptop table with up to 5 different height settings to raise the laptop up to eye level. The use of a laptop can add unnecessary strain on the neck and wrist that makes it harder to work for long durations of time. 140mm fan runs quietly and intakes outside cold air to cool your notebook. Big area aluminium mesh allows optimal airflow to cool the notebook efficiently. Powered by USB connector with USB pass-through.

Top Brands

The Cooler Master company has ergonomic cooling pads with 6 angle adjustments and height settings ideal for experienced gamers, video editors and animators. The sturdy and stable structure will keep the laptop safe from any accidental imbalance or falling off the cooling pad station. The built-in cooling pad comes with a highly stylish profile that makes it look professional.
The front mesh of the cooling panel is a premium quality, the connectivity features include a USB port and buttons for adjusting the fan speeds. There is a cable organiser and a large slider block dam to ensure the laptop does not fall off the cooling pad. The noise level is virtually silent with a comforting cool breeze landing on the wrists while working. 
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