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Internal laptop hard drives serve as the storage of the computer, this is where all the files one uses are kept. There are two basic types of hard drives. One can find many different amounts of space, depending on what they need. The price of an internal hard drive depends on the exact type and what amount of space it has, generally, an expensive item to purchase beyond a certain amount of storage.


Laptop Hard Drive

A laptop's hard drive is where the computer stores its files. This is what would be called its memory; not to be confused with RAM (Random Access Memory) which is what is used to execute individual tasks in the schedule which makes a computer do 'work'. Laptop hard drives are available in many different storage sizes, but the basic types are only two.

Laptop Hard Drive Types

There are older drives that are the HDD format and the newer ones that are SSDs. The HDD has a rotating disk that has the information on it. This spins and is read, with the SSD there are no moving parts and the read and write is based on electronic circuits similar to Flash Memory. This makes an SSD exponentially faster.

If an SSD has PCIe support and can use the NVMe protocol it will be even faster.


Laptop hard drives come in many storage sizes, one can find something that is only 256GBs all the way up to a drive that has 4TB or more of space. The SSD drives are still a lot more expensive as the technology is newer.

The price of a laptop hard drive depends on the amount of space it has and what the specific type is. One can choose based on their needs and budget. Known brands producing them include Western Digital, Kingston, Toshiba, Seagate and HP.

Price List

Model Price
WD Blue 1TB Laptop Hard Disk Drive – 2.5 Rs. 6,450
Orico Dual Bay Hard Drive Dock 6629 Rs. 7,440
Seagate 1TB Laptop SATA Hard Disk Drive 2.5" Mobi… Rs. 7,800
1TB 2.5″ HDD (Toshiba/WD/Seagate) Rs. 8,500
'external Hard Drive ', 'external Hard Drive' Rs. 8,500
UGreen 50422 3.5” Sata External Hard Drive Enclos… Rs. 8,999
HD650 External 1tb Hard Drive Rs. 9,500
Sony Portable Hard Drive 500GB Rs. 9,947
UGreen 90264 M.2 NVME Hard Drive Enclosure Rs. 9,999
Orico Dual Bay Hard Drive Dock 6629 Rs. 10,000
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Compare 97 prices from 17 stores.

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