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The best price of Laptop Skin in Pakistan is Rs. 899 and estimated average price is Rs. 899.


Laptops are dependable and reliable mobile devices that carry a bulk of our personal and professional data. They are used at work, school, universities and at home. The average user spends 4 to 6 hours on the internet and out of that at least 30 minutes are spent on their personal laptop. For users, who are working on their laptop at work or creatives who make music and art on their laptop will be spending twice more than the average user.



The first priority after investing in an expensive laptop is to make sure it stays well protected from unforeseen accidents, slipping out the hands, falling off the table or unwanted scratches. Combining these two important functions laptop skins were introduced. Users could now have colourful laptops in hundreds of choices along with a hardcover for both top and bottom of the laptop. Apple's products are more fragile and expensive than other laptops, they introduced customized frosted finish covers that made the white of the Apple products look more colourful.   


There are now several ways to express personality, interests, support for social causes and artists and hobbies publically. There have always been stickers with different logos, quotes, drawings and many other visuals that are popularly pasted on laptops.

Laptop Skin Vs Laptop Cover

The main difference between a basic laptop cover and skin is the vinyl-based, laminated, self-adhesive sticker side that is only pasted on the laptop instead of a clip-on cover. These skins are customizable, made to order, have a huge selection of colours, patterns and textures. They are to help the user personalise their laptop design.

Commercially they are used to express the personality of the artist, brand or an organization. They are more decorative than protective, unlike covers that make the laptop bulkier that ensure they can withstand damage. The skin will only protect the laptop from scratches and chipping of the chassis. They can be ordered in textures that help cover the plastic surface with a different texture like wood, stone or brick that make it look unique. The variety of patterns have encourage artists to sell their art through making laptop skins. There are over a hundred simple solid colors available that you can choose. The price range is low and affordable for anyone. 

Easy to Apply 

Laptop skins are easily pasted on and removable without any danger of unwanted damage to the laptop. Like any other adhesive sticker, when removed from the laptop the surface must be wiped down from any leftover glue. The laptop skin product is also called laptop art, laptop scratch guard, laptop decals, sticker and vinyl stickers online.  Their thickness is usually 1/32 of an inch making them extremely lightweight and adding no extra weight on the laptop. Some skins have elasticity making them easy to stretch into a perfect fit on the laptop but others might be stretch free which will require precise measurement of the laptop. 

Brand Promotion

Laptop skins are a great way to promote a business, spread awareness, they are utilising a space that is visible at all times when working in a public space and is free to use for users. These skins are primarily designed to be a non-intrusive way to upgrade the laptop and can also be bought in nylon or canvas material. 

Price List

Model Price
Adulting (n) : Can’t Do – Laptop skin Rs. 899
Tujhe Meri High Lagegi – Laptop skin Rs. 899
Let The Music Play – Laptop skin Rs. 899
I Will Conquer The Whole World -Tomorrow – Laptop… Rs. 899
Get Shit Done – Laptop skin Rs. 899
Did Someone Say Food – Laptop skin Rs. 899
Just One More Episode … -panda – Laptop skin Rs. 899
Attack On Titans – Laptop skin Rs. 899
Guys Are Whatever Pizza Is Forever – Laptop skin Rs. 899
We Don’t Need No Education – Laptop skin Rs. 899
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