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The best price of Laptop Table in Pakistan is Rs. 1,299 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,316.


The average time spent at the office can be anywhere between 20 to 45 hours a week depending on the kind of employment. Office desk jobs that require sitting on a computer or laptop for eight hours every day can result in a sedentary lifestyle. This inactive and stationary state of being will badly affect the health of anyone regardless of their age. It increases heart disease by 147% and increases the chances of developing cancer by up to 66%.

Pros & Cons


  • Adjustable

  • Durable

  • Cooling Fans

  • For all ages


  • Will need to buy an external keyboard and mouse

  • Hard to carry around everywhere


Body Posture

The extreme stress placed on the neck while working on a low desk when bending or hunching forward position rapidly exhausts the body. The slight bend of 15 degrees doubles the weight of the head from 12 pounds to 27 unnecessarily straining the neck. The head is bending at 30 degrees especially when working on a laptop that increases the weight of our heads to 40 pounds. That is too much weight for our neck and shoulders leading to chronic back pains and exhaustion. 

Laptop Table Components

The most essential feature of a laptop table is to bring the screen to the right eye level of the user according to their unique body and height. Automatically relieving them of strain and stiffness or even pain in around the neck and back areas. The low height of the laptop screen requires for the user to look down resulting in the head bending position bad for the neck and back. In order to see the screen, the body will have to sit in an uncomfortable position for hours. 

External Keyboard & Mouse

To feel relaxed on a work desk it is important the upper body be in an ergonomic spine position. Buying an external ergonomic keyboard will ensure the laptop be raised to eye-level and added benefit in that the screen will be closer increasing typing efficiency. To build the perfect work station is it important to invest a little bit into ergonomically designed external devices. Along with a good spacious keyboard, wrist rests and laptop table, it is important to get an advance mouse with programmable buttons. These customizable features allow users to work for several hours with maximum productivity. 

Laptop Performance

Laptops are not as durable as desktops, they overheat when used extensively and without proper air-cooling can even damage. The laptop that overheats rapidly will result in slow processing speeds raising the body off the surface of your desk onto a laptop table will allow air passage through the body into the main processor. Laptop tables have built-in cooling fans that blow air straight into the laptop from below to help keep it at optimum temperature.  

Types of Laptop Tables

The variety of laptop tables have adjustable joints that can customise the height, position and turn into makeshift standing desks anywhere. Whether you are used to using your laptop on your bed, home table or office desk a laptop table does not take up any space. It helps declutter your main table by elevating the laptop off the desk creating a pocket of essential space used for stationary and important papers.  

Made from wood, plastic, steel and aluminium depending on the usage and user. Children also use laptop tables but for easy playtime sitting cross legged on the floor or bed. The three popular designs are Slanted Laptop Stand, Dual Rise Stands and Folding Laptop Table. 

Price List

Model Price
Laptop & Tablet Sleeve Girl Rs. 1,399
Future Itna Bright Hai K Dikh Hi Nahi Raha – Lapt… Rs. 1,299
Winter Is Here – Game Of Thrones – Laptop & Table… Rs. 1,299
Nasa – Laptop & Tablet Sleeve Rs. 1,299
Marvel – Laptop & Tablet Sleeve Rs. 1,299
SALE – Floral Pattern- Laptop & Tablet Sleeve Rs. 1,299
Louis Vuitton – Laptop & Tablet Sleeve Rs. 1,299
Hmm acha theek hai – Zakir Khan – Laptop & Tablet… Rs. 1,299
Tommy Shelby – Laptop & Tablet Sleeve Rs. 1,299
Every Body Lies – Laptop & Tablet Sleeve Rs. 1,299
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