Laser Printers Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Laser Printers in Pakistan is Rs. 9,775 and estimated average price is Rs. 48,137.


Offices require hundreds of printing copies per day that become thousands by the end of the month. A laser printer can be an economical and efficient machine to achieve workgroup printing networks as they are durable and reliable can manage extensive usage without little to no maintenance.

Pros & Cons


  • Cheaper printing as compared to inkjet printers in the long run

  • Clean printing with no ink bleeding due to heat technology printing


  • Expensive to buy printer and toner cartridges

  • Can not print professional-quality coloured photographs


Printers are used in all offices and homes for daily tasks, document printing, colour printing of photographs and project assignments. Large companies have a high volume of printing needs as compared to smaller business and personal usage. The inkjet colour printer will initially be cheaper to buy but over time can prove to be expensive when compared to a laser printer.

Laser Printer Technology

The major difference between laser and inkjet printers is that they use different cartridges. The laser printer uses a toner cartridge which is the fine coloured pigment in the tube that is thrown on the paper to form the text and images. It can print digital files at a high resolution and faster than inkjet printers. It saves users a lot of time and increases productivity by eliminating the waiting time experienced when using inkjet printers. The toner will not experience any of the spills caused by liquid ink used in inkjet cartridges during printing. By removing any liquid cartridge the efficiency and long-lasting performance of a laser printer outweigh inkjet tremendously. Laser printers are designed for companies and businesses as they take are larger and take much more space. Laser printers can achieve a high resolution of 600 dots-per-inch DPI with commercial laser printers with 2400 DPI. They can print on letter-sized paper, cellophane, matte and glossy heavy grammage paper. They are available online by companies such as HP, Epson and other reliable manufacturers.  

Printing Performance

Smaller laser printers will be able to print an average of 200 pages per week while with a high speed of eight pages per minute. Commercial publishers buy laser printers for their extensive usage, they can print up to 50,000 or more pages per week with a group work laser printer. For growing businesses and fast-paced competitive workflow, it is essential that a laser printer can print, scan, copy and fax consistently high-quality documents. This is possible through the HP Laserjet and HP LaserJet Pro Multifunction that is a monochrome laser printer highly recommended by users to deliver reliable, stable and long-lasting performance.  

Price List

Model Price
Thermal Label Printer Ticket Barcode Printer High… Rs. 29,800
Mono Laser Fax Machine Brother FAX-2840 Rs. 99,999
Fast Speed Printing Logistic Printer 110mm USB BT… Rs. 17,950
Uni-T LM120D PRO Laser Distance Meter Rs. 13,800
HP Neverstop Laser MFP - 1200w Printer Rs. 62,500
HP Neverstop Laser MFP Printer (1200A) - ISPK Rs. 75,836
HP Laser Printer 107W Rs. 40,990
HP Laser Printer 107A Rs. 38,990
HP Laser MFP 135w Printer (4ZB83A) - Official War… Rs. 52,999
Canon LBP6030 Black Laser Rs. 10,800
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