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The best price of Lathe Machine in Pakistan is Rs. 5,200 and estimated average price is Rs. 9,099.


A powered tool that is used to shape various materials according to the user's wishes. A lathe machine can be dangerous and should be used with care. The resulting objects are symmetrical due to them being spun on their axis by the machine. The price of a lathe machine varies depending on the size and brand that made it.


Lathe Machine

Generally, a machine used in woodwork, metalwork and glasswork. This is the machine that is considered the Mother of Machine Tools. It is designed to spin a piece of wood or other material around its axis while various tools can be applied to it as it spins. This creates a symmetrical object from the wood around that axis. The tools can cut, sand, knurl, drill and more depending on the needs and tools available. The most basic kind of lathe is the pottery wheel, the modern iterations are an expansion on the same idea.

Lathe machines today have motorized spinning mechanisms and can spin at a very high RPM, making for quicker work. Items that can be produced using a lathe machine include screws, gun barrels, table or bed legs, bowls, baseball bats, candlesticks and much more.

Various kinds of lathe machines

Given the variety of materials a lathe can be used to shape there are many different kinds. A lot of this is about size as jewellers need smaller machines that can be set atop a table and not take up too much space in the back of a shop. Metalworking lathes have different tools that can cut through the metal.

Duplication lathes are designed to copy a and produce identical shapes, this was a huge step for the industrial revolution as the production of many different items became a lot faster and exacting. This duplication lathe was the innovation of Thomas Blanchard and was initially used to produce gun stocks in large numbers.

Glasswork lathes also have a heat source to soften up the glass so it can be worked on.


This is part of what is generally considered high powered tools, it is very important to wear the correct physical protection gear before using a lathe machine. Safety goggles and protective shoes are important for this. One should not be wearing anything that is loose or have long open hair as there are chances of entanglement with the machine. This also means no rings or dangling jewellery. One also has to wear ear protection as the sound created is of a high level and can cause long term ear damage. 

Lathe machines have open parts that are hazardous, so one has to pay attention while making use of this power tool. Please read a full manual for complete safety and operation before operating a lathe machine.


The price of a lathe machine depends on its size and the company that produced the tool. The smaller ones are mid-range tools while larger ones can cost a lot more. 

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