Lawn Mower Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Lawn Mower in Pakistan is Rs. 1,200 and estimated average price is Rs. 37,893.


Lawnmowers are available in cylinder, rotary and hover types. Power options include electric, gas, manual and battery-operated variety. There are also ride-on mowers that are easier and safer than their walk-behind counterparts and also super fun to use. Before you invest in this expensive equipment, read on for our suggestions on the best brands and type of lawn mowing machines that you can get online in Pakistan. Also, know the pros and cons of each type on this page.


Best Lawnmower Brands in Pakistan

Black & Decker and Honda are two of the most popular and widely sold lawnmowing machine brands in Pakistan. Local options include Noorani Mowers, Rehmat Industries, Liberal Lawn Mowers, H.M.Ilahi Baksh and Millat Industries.

Electric Vs Gas Vs Manual Lawnmowers

1. Electric mowers are quieter than their gas counterparts and also don't emit fumes. 

2. Electic variety does not need much maintenance while the gas mowers need routine oil changes, spark plug replacements and gasoline refills.

3. Battery operated variety is eco-friendly and low maintenance. They are good for smaller lawns less than an acre unless you have a battery backup.

4. For lawns spanning over an acre, gas-powered mowers are ideal if they have enough fuel.

5. Manual ones are the most affordable of the lot but they require a lot of energy and effort.

6. Electric mowers are great for levelled lawns with not too dense grass. A little denser than regular grass and you will need gas-powered mowers to do the job effectively.

7. Corded electric lawnmowers are the lightest in weight and the easiest to push. They are suitable for smaller yards as they are restricted by the length of the cord.

8. Gas mowers are very heavy and mowing a terrain on an incline can be tedious unless the mower has a self-propulsion feature. 

9. Gas mowers are the most expensive of the lot while corded electric mowers are the most budget-friendly option.

10. Some ride-on mowers have a 360-degree turning radius, making cutting the grass a breeze but they are very expensive.

Rotary Vs Cylinder Vs Hover Lawnmowers

Cylinder mowers come with vertically rotating cylindrical blades at the front of the machine. It is better to buy a mower that has multiple blades, more than 3 for efficient cutting. They come in gas-powered, manual and electric options.

The rotary variety is the most versatile of the lot. It has a single horizontally rotating blade and can cut all types of grass. When it comes to cutting rough and long grass, rotary mowers leave cylinder mowers far behind. You can buy rotary mowers in rechargeable battery, petrol engine and electric options.

Hover mowers have rotary blades and are the easiest to push as they hover above the ground. They are also cheaper than other types and are ideal for mowing uneven surfaces and unusual-shaped yards. Since they are electric-powered, they are not suitable for larger lawns. 

Tips & Suggestions

The right lawn mowing machine depends on your needs, budget, the size of your lawn and the power required to mow it. If you are worried about noise pollution go for any of the electric or battery-operated mowers. If environmental pollution is your main concern, then steer clear of gas mowers and opt for a manual or corded electric mower. Choose a mower that has an attached grass box for collecting clippings on the way so you won't have to come back and rake them.

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Price List

Model Price
Black & Decker 38cm Rotary Lawn Mower with 45 Lit… Rs. 60,500
MAKITA Makita ELM3711 – Electric Lawn Mower – SA Rs. 40,739
MAKITA Manual Lawn Mower – Blue Rs. 29,820
Black & Decker 1800W Edge Max Lawn Mower Rs. 46,010
Electric Lawn Mower 1.600w Induction Motor Rs. 55,000
Black & Decker 90560298 EMAX42 Lawn Mower Blade Rs. 1,200
Bosch ROTAK 34 R Lawn Mower Rs. 45,540
Bosch AHM 38C Hand Mower Green Rs. 17,710
Total TGT-141181 Electric Lawn Mower :3.0Kw(4HP) Rs. 72,380
Bosch ROTAK 32 Lawn Mower Rs. 33,520
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