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The best price of Lays in Pakistan is Rs. 25 and estimated average price is Rs. 488.


The tasty flavours and crisp texture of Lays chips have been part of our taste history since 1932 when it first started as an easy no-fuss snack. Lays is a sub-brand of the popular soft-drink Pepsi. Typically had with soft-drinks like Coke, Mountain Dew, Spirit or Fanta, children and adults of all age groups love having chips.


Snack Time

Made from real potatoes mixed in with a large variety of flavours, that are regularly updated and launched according to the local and global spices and cuisine. Pakistan launched Lays in 2007 with the highly popular Masala Lays being specially crafted for Pakistan's consumers, the flavour has red chilli powder and salt that feels familiar to local desi cuisine. Other flavours include Original Salted, French Cheese, Paprika and Yoghurt & Herb that are local favourites. 

Other Brands Under Lays

The sub-brand of Lays is the very popular Wavy chips that are an alternative to the smooth and plain texture of regular Lays chips. Each individual flake is cut with a wrinkle waffle-like ribbed cut making it crunchier and heavier as a bite as compared to regular cut. Popular flavour includes Barbeque that has a smoked salty flavour, that can relieve any hunger pang instantly. 


The three main ingredients in Lays are potatoes, oil and salt. Mainly use a vegetable-based oil which is a halal alternative to pork or lard based oil. Other ingredients depend on the seasoning used to create the flavour. Lays want the snack to be natural and without unnecessary chemicals so they use Spices, Paprika, Corn Starch, Tomato Powder, Garlic Powder, Yeast Extract, Onion and other vegetable-based extracts to create their tantalizing flavours. 

Packet Design 

The Lays chips packet has various sizes, one serving sizes are ideal for the time when one person needs a small snack, the medium-sized packets are affordable and cheaply priced making them a great group sharing snack at a low cost. The jumbo packs have a re-sealable packaging for consumers can store the packet for longer without the chips losing their freshness. 

Price List

Model Price
Lays French Cheese Rs. 60 - 16 Pack Carton Rs. 955
Lays Masala Rs. 40 - 24 Pack Carton Rs. 934
Lays Salted Rs. 60 - 16 Pack Carton Rs. 928
Lays Chips Stax Cheddar Cheese Rs. 790
Lays Masala Potato Chips 40g Rs. 30
Lays Wavy BBQ Chips 52gm Rs. 54
Lays Paprika Chips 68 gm Rs. 54
Lays Masala Chips Rs. 30
Lays French Cheese Rs. 25
Lays Masala Rs. 60 - 16 Pack Carton Rs. 935
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