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The best price of Lays Paprika in Pakistan is Rs. 470 and estimated average price is Rs. 470.


Crisps are one of the main snacks and Lays is among the main options. There are a lot of flavour options, with Lays Paprika one get a bit of spice if that is their kind of taste. The price of these crisps is in an affordable range.


Owned by PepsiCo, Lays is among the top crisp brands in the world. Made from real potato, with oil and salt; with Paprika spice added to make the Lays Paprika flavour. This is a bit spicier compared to most of the other flavours unless one gets Masala, a flavour designed for the Pakistani market with a more local hint of spice.

Crisps are enjoyed by all age groups and the crunchy texture Lays are known for is a favourite. There are different sized packets available, with three as the main sizes, the smallest one is ideal for kids with the mid-sized one a little bigger; the largest one can be shared with more people.

The price of Lays Paprika is in an affordable range, making it an easy snack to get. Generally, crisps are not a particularly healthy snack and should not be substituted for an actual meal or had too often.

Price List

Model Price
Lays Paprika Flavour. 40 Rs Pack 6 Pcs Rs. 470
Lays Paprika Flavour. 40 Rs Pack 6 Pcs Rs. 470
Lays Paprika Flavour. 40 Rs Pack 6 Pcs Rs. 470
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