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The best price of Leather Jacket For Men in Pakistan is Rs. 1,169 and estimated average price is Rs. 6,026.


A must-have item in one's wardrobe the leather jacket is a classic, in style and attitude both. They have been worn by icons and stars for this very purpose. They convey a statement other articles of clothing cannot. Available in many styles and at just as many price points.

Pros & Cons


  • Rugged

  • Comfortable

  • Always in style

  • Easy to maintain


  • Good leather jackets are expensive

  • Some are not treated for rain


An overview of leather jackets

Leather made from the skin of animals has been used for clothing for more than a millennia. The attitude possessed by a leather jacket cannot be induced by any other material; making it an essential of a man's wardrobe. Choosing the right kind of jacket is important as leather lasts a long time, one of the more rare clothing pieces you may have for years to come; we still have leather worn by Roman soldiers in museums that has survived hundreds of years. This also being a reason why the colour should be a neutral that can be paired with lots of different looks. Black is the most consistent and brown the next one, any bright colours will have pairing limitations. The right style of jacket is also important depending on physique.

Leather in Pakistan

Pakistan produces a lot of leather, with a mass of hides that come through each Eid ul Adha. Those few days furnish about 70% of the demand for hides. The various animals mean that the quality of leather varies as well. Cowhide naturally is thicker and produces leather that is more abrasion resistant versus goatskin or sheepskin. The thicker leather used for garments also needs more breaking in. It shouldn't be tough to the touch but just a little more firm than thinner leather.

The jackets we know today

The modern jacket we know is somewhat a result of the 'bomber jacket' or 'flight jacket' worn by World War I pilots in the open cockpits of their fighter planes. With a thick liner that was made of the animal's hair; valued for its warmth as at high altitudes it would be freezing cold. One of the first modern leather jackets the type A1 was created by 'Chapal' in 1925. In the later 1920s, the leather jacket became more common, with the biker jacket being a famous style. It was the 'greaser' era and the biking culture was a hit. From then on leather jackets have been a favourite article of clothing for many.

Some different styles of the leather jacket

The styles are numerous and the one you want should also fit well. Not all cuts look good on everyone. It is important to break in your jacket as well, some thicker ones are a bit stiff initially but over time become more soft and supple, also adding character to the jacket. The most commonly known style is the 'biker jacket', this is meant to be more than a fashion accessory.

Generally, a shorter jacket, biker jackets are supposed to be made from more sturdy leather in case one crashes and slides over a road. The jacket should have certification for this purpose. The back is also slightly longer so the riders kidneys are protected from the cold while bent forward on a bike. Versions of this that are just for style would not provide the required protection so be wary. 'Field jackets' and 'fatigue jackets' are similar in style, these are a further iteration of the army jackets that used to be made from thick cotton. With larger pockets that serve one well in the outdoors, based on the army style this makes sense. These are slightly longer, providing more shielding from weather conditions.

The 'bomber jacket' has been a particular favourite over the years. There are versions that have a small rounded collar and others that have large lined collars for colder areas. The latter one is closer to the classic bomber jacket from WWI at times also called the 'flight jacket'. The 'racer jacket' is the more tight fit, with a band collar. The tight fit works for a more streamlined design if one is riding a bike. These were also a design going back to army officers who were into riding bikes after the war was over and their bulkier jackets didn't cut it. There are more shapes and designs, of course, the aforementioned are some of the classics and still in fashion iterations of a leather jacket.

Maintenance of leather jackets

Leather jackets can lose their shape if they aren't hung right, a wider hanger will help keep one in shape. To clean them one can wipe with a damp cloth and let it dry off slowly, not in direct heat as this would dry it and make it crack over time. There are also conditioners for leather, these can be used to keep the leather in good health.

Some few drycleaners do handle leather but make sure it is a reliable space, any misstep and the jacket could come out with irreparable damage. Some labels also say you can wash them in the machine at home but that too is a risk. A leather jacket needs to be stored in a cool dry place, the humidity will make mould grown on it and heat, as mentioned before will dry it out.

Leaving it in an open space when not in use isn't a good way to maintain it. Wrapped or in a box and stored in a cupboard during the summer months would help the life and look of your jacket.

Other considerations

As an unspoken rule; more pockets mean less formal, more zippers also mean the same. A long trench or overcoat of leather would be a bit extravagant unless one has regular outside work in harsh weather. Aside from that, it would take a certain kind of person to pull off a long leather coat, might make one look like a detective from the 90s.

The leather blazer is also often hard to pull off, it is tough to make them fine enough to be neat in that cut. Often the collars get curved and instead of being formal one looks shabby. It is also good to make sure the zippers are of good quality and work smooth. Buttons are preferred in situations of strain as they pop off, a zipper would rip the leather. There are jackets with a liner that aids in protection from the cold, these can be removable or the actual hair of the animal skin used for the leather. 

The price points of leather jackets can be anything from a few thousand to 10 times higher. What you spend is a matter of your budget and the jacket you really want.

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Fashion Men's Lucca PU Leather Zipper Jacket Rs. 1,299
Fashion Men's Granada PU Leather Zipper Jacket Rs. 2,499
Shop Mart Brown Faux Leather Jacket For Men Rs. 4,499
Men's Leather Bomber Jacket Rs. 6,495
Shop Mart Brown Faux Leather Jacket For Men Rs. 4,499
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