Leather Sports Bag Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Leather Sports Bag in Pakistan is Rs. 6,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 11,995.


A loosely used term for bags that people use at the gym or out on a sports field. There are a few different designs but mostly a sports bag is shaped like a duffle bag. One can find sports bags made from leather, a durable material which is ideal for such a bag. The price of a leather sports bag would be comparatively higher as it is an expensive material.


Leather Sports Bag

A generic term that can apply to a few various designs of bags but more often sports bags are shaped similar to duffle bags. They are designed to be roomy so one can carry many different items, including sporting equipment. Certain designs also include pockets and compartments so one can organise their things better.

Sports bags can also be sport specific, so for instance a cricket sports bag will have a separate compartment for the bat. This works better if one is dedicated to a sport, otherwise, it can also be limiting depending on what one needs to carry.

One can find a sports bag made from any number of materials, including leather. A leather sports bag would last a long time as leather is a very durable material. If one wants their leather sports bag to last even longer they could use wax and oil on it to make it water repellant.


The price of a leather sports bag depends on its size and brand. A leather sports bag may be more costly in comparison to other materials.

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Model Price
Relaxsit Sports Bean Bag Leather Set ( 2 Bean Bag… Rs. 17,490
Coleman Palmetto Cool Weather Sleeping Bag 200000… Rs. 6,500
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