Led Strip Lights Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Led Strip Lights in Pakistan is Rs. 745 and estimated average price is Rs. 3,977.


A funky light that can be used in many different spaces, especially since it can create an overall ambience instead of being focused on one point. LED strip lights are available in different lengths and some have more features in comparison to others. The price of this light solution depends on the brand, length and specific features. One can find LED strip lights from lower to mid-range prices.


LED Strip Lights

A very convenient form of lighting that is used today in a lot of different ways. LED light strips are a one-sided light rope that can be pasted onto the wall or roof, inside an insert to create ambient lighting. An LED light strip can also be used for photography as the quality of light is very crisp so the resulting images are sharp.

LED light strips come in different lengths, so depending on what is needed customers can choose. There are also versions that allow you to buy multiple strips and connect them into a longer, singular strip. LED light strips come with remotes so one can change the modes and colours. Modes include strobe, fade and regular.

The colour range varies as well, there are models that have a palette on the remote and one can choose which shade of a colour they want. Depending on the model some can also flash and change colour along with your choice of song. LED strip lights can also be waterproof.

Smart LED strip lights are available which can be controlled from one's smartphone over the WiFi. Adding a much more convenient form of control.

Modern LED light strips

A new kind of LED light is the SMD LED, these are smaller and can contain multiple colours in one head. This gives a better overall quality of colour as the sources are tiny. This is similar to having more pixels packed into a smaller space.


There is research that suggests that exposure to intense LEDs or chronic exposure to lower intensity of LED light can cause damage to the retina.

LED lights generally do fade with time, but this is after a lot of usage.


LED light strips are often used in restaurants or studios to create a specialised lighting environment of choice. Gamers tend to set up their gaming station with these lights so they can create a 'mood'.

The price of LED light strips is not particularly high, one can find models that are a lot cheaper as well. The longer the strip the more it costs. One of the known brands that produces various LED strip lights is Govee.

Price List

Model Price
Rope Light Golden Color with All Sizes. Rs. 3,250
Shizi 5 Meter to 70 Meter Led Strip Rope light On… Rs. 4,200
Rope Light Multicolor with All sizes. Rs. 2,950
1 Meter to 100 Meter Led Strip Rope light One Col… Rs. 7,699
QUANBU 4 Pins Cable Connector Extension Wire Spli… Rs. 1,084
Rope Light GOLDEN/YELLOW Color with All Sizes. Rs. 3,850
1 Meter To 100 Meter Led Strip Rope Light One Col… Rs. 2,499
Rope Light Multi Color with All Sizes. Rs. 2,150
Rope Light Multicolor with All sizes. Rs. 2,210
1 Meter To 100 Meter Led Strip Rope Light One Col… Rs. 7,399
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