Led Tube Lights Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Led Tube Lights in Pakistan is Rs. 299 and estimated average price is Rs. 835.


Another form of LED-based lighting. LED tube lights make for efficient lighting as it is way better at conserving energy in comparison to the fluorescent tube lights. The price of an LED tube light varies from the lower to mid ranges depending on the brand and size of the light in question.


LED Tube Lights

LED lights in various forms are the go-to lighting solutions today. The big advantage of having LED tube lights is that they consume 50% less energy than their fluorescent counterparts. One can find LED tube lights in various lengths and can choose based on where they need to be installed.

LED tube lights come in a few different shades of colour. There are some which are warmer and towards the yellower side while others are colder and more white.


Pure white LED tube lights have blue light wavelengths in them as which that can affect the sleeping pattern and also cause damage to eyes over longer or intense exposure. This is suitable for the daytime but at night it can cause the body's melatonin production to be halted.

Based on this, certain spaces might benefit from warmer colours.


There are many brands that produce LED tube lights, local ones from Pakistan and also international ones. The price of LED tube lights can be from the lower to mid ranges, depending on the size and brand.

Price List

Model Price
Outdoor Yard Solar Power LED Tube Lamp Lawn Light… Rs. 697
6w Blb Uv Led Black Light T5 Tube Bulb Ultraviole… Rs. 299
Neon LED Light Glow EL Wire String Strip Rope Tub… Rs. 369
8W BLB UV LED Black light Bar T5 Tube Bulb Ultrav… Rs. 790
Factor M-1 (15W) LED Tube Fitting Light Rs. 460
Factor TU-32 (36W) Led Tube Fitting Light Rs. 950
Factor TU-312 (42W) Led Tube Fitting Light Rs. 1,130
Factor TU-311 (22W) Led Tube Fitting Light Rs. 660
Philips LED Tube 600mm 8W 765 T8 AP I G Rs. 355
Factor TU-312 (42W) Led Tube Fitting Light Rs. 1,130
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