Lemon Max Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Lemon Max in Pakistan is Rs. 45 and estimated average price is Rs. 188.


Lemon Max products are economically budget-friendly and affordable to ensure the highest quality of cleaning is accessible to millions of Pakistanis.


Dishwashing Soap 

The Lemon Max product range includes  Lemon Max Liquid, Paste, Bar and Scourers products in dishwashing solutions. These products are highly popular in Pakistan. They are a household essential that is used in the kitchen all day to clean hard oily grease and stains off plates and pots. The effectiveness of the product is demonstrated in advertisements to clean a large number of plates in only a little amount of soap. There is an Azadi Dishwash Bar that is priced even lower with the same effective formula.

Other alternatives to soap are the Lemon Max Paste Original containers that are made from glycerin that is gentle to use with bare hands and effectively cleans tough grease. The packaging is in a tub that can hold a lot of dishwashing formula that can be used precisely because of its large lid container.

Also available in Lemon Max Paste Lime that uses real lemon juice with extra fragrant freshness. There is also a powder form available in Lemon Max called Power Cleaner that is multi-purpose used for hard to clean pots and pans that require powerful grease-cutting and stain removal treatment. The powder is easy to use when cleaning kitchen and bathroom sinks, floors and tiles.  bathroom tiles and dirty floors. There is also the Lemon Max with Bleach that is the ultimate multi-purpose cleaner used to clean tough surfaces like cement floors and walls in the kitchen and bathroom. 

Price List

Model Price
Lemon Max Anti-Bacterial Dishwash Liquid Bottle 7… Rs. 340
Lemon Max Dishwash Paste Rs. 250
Lemon Max Dishwash Liquid Bottle 750ml Rs. 316
Lemon Max Ultra Dishwash Liquid Bottle 500ml - Ye… Rs. 353
Lemon Max Dishwashing Paste Original 400g Rs. 199
Max Lemon Power Cleaner 430g Rs. 70
Lemon Max With Bleach, Multi-Purpose Cleaner, 900g Rs. 135
Max Liquid Lemon Dishwash 475 ML Rs. 228
Lemon Max Anti Bac DishWash 475ml Rs. 205
Lemon Max Dishwash Paste Green Rs. 204
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