Lemon Max Bar Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Lemon Max Bar in Pakistan is Rs. 12 and estimated average price is Rs. 155.


The Lemon Max Bar and Lemon Max Liquid are easy dishwashing solutions that are highly popular in Pakistan. They are a household essential that is used in the kitchen all day to clean hard oily grease and stains off plates and pots.


Tough Stains & Grime

Pakistani cuisine uses a lot of spices and oil that can leave a large amount of grease on dishes. These are not easy to wash in a dishwasher as the stains become tough when left to dry. The strong formula of Lemon Max Bar can cut through the hardest of grease with ease saving time and energy when cleaning up after meals. The anti-bacterial agents in the formula ensure that almost all germs left on the utensils and kitchen surfaces are removed. Dishwashing soap must be able to remove not only stains and grease but also ensure all harmful bacteria are killed off the plates, pots and kitchen countertops.

The Lemon Max Bar is said to have the strength of using 1000 lemons which can clean as effectively leaving plates looking shiny and brand-new. There is also a Lemon Max Long Bar that can be used for extensive dishwashing needs at a restaurant or large family home. It has real lemon juice in the formula and can be used for over a month without running out. It is a complete dishwashing solution which means it can be used on plates, pots, pans and cutlery. There is an Azadi Dishwash Bar that is priced even lower with the same effective formula.


Price List

Model Price
Lemon Max Dishwash Long Bar 265g Rs. 56
Lemon Max Double Long Bar - Pack Of 3 Rs. 450
Lemon Max Double Long Bar - Pack Of 3 Rs. 450
Lemon Max Long Bar Double Pack 550g Rs. 160
Lemon Max Dishwash Bar, 185g Rs. 34
Max Lemon Dishwash Soap Bar 185g Rs. 160
Lemon Max Dishwash Bar Rs. 58
Lemon Max Long Bar 275g Rs. 90
Lemon Max Long Bar Double Pack 550g Rs. 160
Lemon Max Bar 92gm Rs. 12
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