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The best price of Lenovo Mouse in Pakistan is Rs. 450 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,124.


Lenovo is a known computer brand that produces peripherals as well, this range includes many options for a computer mouse. These go from simple everyday options to complex devices that are used by gamers or designers. This gives everyone the option to choose something that suits their needs. There are options for wired and wireless Lenovo mouses. The price of these devices depends on the specific model, with prices ranging from the lower to mid point.


Lenovo mouse options

A brand that is based on the IBM personal computer segment that was bought by Lenovo. Aside from producing computers, Lenovo also has a range of accessories which includes multiple computer mouse options.

Starting at simple models which have just 3 buttons and are wired to complex devices made for gamers and designers. Lenovo has the Legion line for gamers and an ultra-modern minimal design with the Yoga line. The Yoga line can also be twisted over and it becomes flat, letting you use it as a presentation remote. Some have a built-in laser pointer so one can guide people through their presentations.

The devices built for gaming have multiple buttons and some have complex ergonomic designs to better suit the hand for extended usage. There are also some models which let one remove small weights to personalise the feel they prefer. The buttons are programmable so one can choose how they wish to use each one. The max DPI of these models is high so the tracking is super fast and smooth. Certain gaming mouse models even have RGB lights to add to one's gaming atmosphere.

For a portable option, Lenovo has more compact mouse designs which can easily be carried in one's laptop bag. This is useful, as working with just a trackpad can be limiting at times.

Lenovo has a model which even has a fingerprint reader built into it if one wants to use it for their security. The ability to be connected to multiple devices so one can switch between them quickly is also useful as sometimes one is using more than one computer for their work. Some models have silent clickers in case noise is a concern.

If one wants a more personalised feel there are a lot of colour options as well. Starting at the standard white and black, on to red, almond, deep blue, light blue and more.


The battery times on the different Lenovo mouse options vary, but to give a reference some have a battery that can last a month after only 2 hours of charging. Others make use of a power cell that can last up to 12 months. This timeline does depend on the amount of usage, of course.

The quality of Lenovo's mouses is good, with a long life if cared for. The prices go from nominal to mid-range.

Price List

Model Price
Lenovo Essential Compact Wireless Mouse- 4Y50 Rs. 2,499
Lenovo Mini Optical Mouse Rs. 450
Lenovo Mini Optical Mouse Rs. 450
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