Lenovo Thinkpad Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Lenovo Thinkpad in Pakistan is Rs. 75,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 239,995.


Lenovo was voted the best laptop brand by engadget.com in 2018 due to their laptops being of high performance and military-grade ruggedness. Just the ThinkPad line has enough variation in features and prices to have a range of choices to make depending on one's requirements and budget. The ThinkPad is the only certified laptop for use on the International Space Station.


IBM's personal computer segment was bought by Lenovo, all the lines of laptops are continuations of the original brand. That quality standard is still available with Lenovo.


Lenovo has maintained the IBM quality and added a few new lines, with enough options to allow for ample choice-making depending on individual needs.

This range of laptops is the only one which is certified for use on the International Space Station. The ThinkPad line is built with offices and business use in consideration. Features between machines vary but can include 4K display, touchscreens, 17-hour batteries and more.

Due to the various work environments, there are machines that are built for harsh climate or an outdoor stationing as well.

Sub lines

The flagship laptops from Lenovo are under the ThinkPad T Series, which usually have high-end features and build quality. They are tested against 12 military-grade requirements. The batteries on the newer models last up to 17 hours. The ThinkPad X Series is the more sleek version of the high-end machine, making them ultraportable. ThinkPad P Series are the more heavy-weight performance laptops geared for designers, engineers, architects and animators. For a slight budget advantage, there is the ThinkPad A Series, with professional capabilities.

Moving down the scale some more the ThinkPad E Series is for mass-market requirements of smaller businesses, with a distinctive design form. With the ThinkPad L Series there is the advantage of being slightly more rugged, not as much as the ThinkPad T though. The L Series is a mid-range laptop, again geared for a work environment.


Lenovo has a broad range within the ThinkPad line; well thought out with variations of performance, sturdiness and price range. Which you decide to purchase is a matter of budget and requirements regarding your usage.

Price List

Model Price
Lenovo Thinkpad X280 Ci7 8th 8GB 512GB 12.5 Win10 Rs. 250,000
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano 13" Core i7 11th Gen 16GB… Rs. 391,111
Lenovo ThinkPad - X13 i7-10510U 16GB 512GB SSD Rs. 308,499
LENOVO THINKPAD E14 G2 i7 11TH GEN 8GB 512GB SSD … Rs. 227,000
Lenovo Thinkpad - L15 AMD :1y Rs. 209,500
Lenovo Thinkpad E15 Ci7 10th 8GB 1TB 15.6 2GB GPU Rs. 144,000
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano 13" Core i5 11th Gen 16GB… Rs. 375,556
Lenovo Thinkpad T15 i5-10210U 8GB 512GB SSD Rs. 238,499
Lenovo Thinkpad E15 G4 i7-1255U 8GB 512GB SSD Rs. 271,499
Lenovo ThinkPad L14 14" Core i7 10th Gen 8GB 512G… Rs. 244,444
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