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The best price of Lenovo Yoga 9I in Pakistan is Rs. 288,999 and estimated average price is Rs. 288,999.


The Lenovo Yoga line is for people who want a versatile machine, with most models being the 2-in-1 kind that can also be used as a tablet. The Yoga 9i is a powerful variant with options in size and also components. The prices of the different Yoga 9i options are high.

Pros & Cons


  • Powerful

  • Portable

  • Packed with features

  • Versatile


Lenovo is one of the more well-known brands when it comes to personal computers, a line that it acquired from IBM. Retaining some of the original labels such as ThinkPad, Lenovo also introduced its own. This included the Yoga range of laptops. These laptops are designed for people who need compact devices with powerful performances.

The designs are lean with simple lines and a minimal feel so one has a focused machine. The colours vary but options tend to include grey, silver and black.

The Lenovo Yoga 9i

Closer to the top range in performance is the Yoga 9i. One can get these machines in different sizes so it is up to you what display size suits you. The display itself is high quality and is touch-able; this lets you fold it over and use it as a tablet as well.

From HD to FHD and even UHD depending on the model. You get great visual clarity and are able to enjoy working with graphic elements or get amazing graphics with your streaming content. The processors are closer to a high end this lets the Yoga 9i devices have a smooth performance so your work is not glitchy.

RAM is from the better standards of the era as well. With more than enough RAM for most users, keep in mind these laptops are made for people who want a good amount of power. This would not suffice for someone who has higher requirements for their processing.

Storage is usually the SSD format so the read and write times are snappy. All the components being from a similar performance range make sure that there are no bottlenecks while you work.

Media is also enjoyable with the soundbar that is rotatable, it is set into the hinge so when you flip over it is still exposed and audible. There is tweaking from Dolby, making the sound primed for good performance and good reproduction of all frequencies.

A high-quality webcam allows you to take your video calls or also take pictures in case you need to. Wireless connectivity includes WiFi and Bluetooth, with ample ports to make use of as well. The ports include USBs, USB-C and a headphone/mic combo jack. The USB-C ports are used for DisplayPort functions, Thunderbolt and also for power delivery.

Models also feature learning algorithms that pick up workload patterns to use resources as best possible. This makes for great battery times, ranging from 8 hours to 18 hours or more depending on what model you chose.

The interaction is all based around the Windows OS, with 10 or higher versions available on different machines.


If you are looking for a machine that can handle a varied range of tasks and is compact, the Lenovo Yoga 9i options are a good place to look into.

The price of the Yoga 9i machines is high as they are packed with features and also have good components.

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Lenovo Yoga 9i 14 Inches Core i7 (16GB RAM - 512G… Rs. 288,999
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