Lg Home Theater Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Lg Home Theater in Pakistan is Rs. 19,999 and estimated average price is Rs. 60,799.


Home theatres add a lot to the experience of watching a movie at home. LG produces a range of options, they have multiple speakers so there is proper surround sound and a media player as well. This allows one to connect various devices so they can have many options to enjoy their entertainment. The price of LG home theatre systems is high.


LG home theatre  

LG is one of the top producers of home appliances and this includes their range of entertainment devices. Among the catalogue, the brand also produces home theatre systems. These add a lot of value to the movie experience at home. This is due to the larger and more speakers that the LG home theatre system comes with. A home theatre system often comes with a built-in DVD player as that is still a somewhat relevant format.

Generally, they have a 5.1 speaker setup. Meaning there are 5 regular speakers and one subwoofer. The speakers can be spread out across the room, making a wider sonic space and helping one be immersed in their media with proper surround sound.

The various models have different modes of connectivity available allowing one to connect their TV, portable devices and more. The porting can include HDMI, video composite, RCA, 3.5mm audio jack, USB and mic inputs. There are also models that have FM radio in case one wants to tune in.

Other Features

LG home theatre systems are encoded with features that can optimise the sound based on what the media is. There are profiles such as Music or Movie, this enhances the sound for each specific type of listening experience.

If there are mic inputs one can also make use of a karaoke feature for fun with friends.


The design profile of LG home theatre systems is sleek, making them easy to fit into many different kinds of spaces with ease. The larger speakers are mostly in the shape of floor standing towers, so that gives them a slim profile. Depending on the models the satellite speakers are wireless so the clutter is also less.

The price of LG home theatre systems is relatively high, even the starting point is toward the higher side.

Price List

Model Price
LG LHD675bt Home Theatre System Dual Subwoofer Rs. 63,999
LG LHD756 Home Theater System Rs. 89,999
LG 5.1ch DVD Home Theater System (LHD756) Rs. 70,000
LG Home Theater LHD657 Rs. 60,000
LG 2.0ch 100W Bluetooth Sound Bar (SK1D) Rs. 19,999
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