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The best price of Lg Washing Machines in Pakistan is Rs. 62,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 188,034.


Washing machines from a well-known brand that makes many appliances. LG has a good market reputation. Their washing machines are available in various models, with different features. These depend on which one you purchase and also what price range the machine is in. Front-loaders or top-loaders, you can pick the one that works better for your space. Prices vary with size and number of functions.

Pros & Cons


  • Durable build

  • Market tested


Washing machines & front-loaders Vs top-loaders

Generally, a favourable brand for home appliances LG makes a range of washing machines too; which are varied in size and features. The most common difference in lines is top-loading machines Vs front-loading machines, while the debate continues more people agree the front-loading machines perform better over a longer time. They conserve water and are not as harsh for the clothes as the clothes touch the water in parts during the cycle. Front-loaders are also considerably quieter than the top-loaders due to the positioning of the drum. The usual hindrance being that the initial cost is higher with front-loaders.

The many features of LG washing machines

LG washing machines come with many options that you can set to your preference and depending on what clothes you are washing. Inverter machines are becoming more common which after sensing weight loaded operate the motor at varying speeds so it is more efficient with what amount of clothing is in the machine and thus help conserve energy. A big plus as electricity is an expensive resource. Most new machines are fully automated so you just put in your clothes and detergent, plus softner and let the machine do the rest; starting at the initial wash to the rinse on to the tumble dry. LG is also employing the Direct Drive method in some machines. This makes for smoother running and can reach higher RPMs making for a faster spin and a lot less wear and tear compared to the belt-driven drums. TurboWash is another feature that is a part of some machines, it uses a jet spray to improve cleaning and reduce cycle time. Smart Diagnose allows you to connect to the machine through your smartphone and see if there are any errors and to get troubleshooting tips, this is a feature in more recent LG washing machines. 

Size of washing machine

Another variation is the amount of clothes the machine can handle which can be anywhere from 7kg to 17kg. What size and which LG washing machine to buy for your house or business, of course, is a matter of how many people are using one machine and one's budget; the machines with newer features cost more.

Price List

Model Price
LG Automatic Washing Machine Top Load 17kg T1788 Rs. 205,800
LG Front Load Automatic Washing Machine 8kg FH2J3… Rs. 160,600
LG Top Load Automatic Machine 9kg T9085NDKVH Rs. 128,200
Lg Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine Fh… Rs. 149,999
LG T1466NEHT2A 14KG Full Auto Top Loading Washer Rs. 115,999
LG Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine 9KG… Rs. 218,116
Lg Automatic Top Load -T9588Nehpa Rs. 126,500
Lg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine T106… Rs. 139,500
LG 15/8 KG Front Load Washing Machine With Dryer … Rs. 306,000
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