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Compare 6,987 prices from 1 stores.

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One of the leading bookstores in Pakistan, it has the most branches nationally. Liberty Books has a large catalogue, with books for every age groups and segment of society. The prices at Liberty Books vary a lot, depending on the book one chooses.


Liberty Books from 1951

Starting with a street-side bookstall in 1951 which was setup in Saddar, Karachi. The Liberty Books label was established by Mr. Abdul Hussain, who had moved to a newly formed Pakistan with his family in tow. The first proper bookstore was opened 10 years later in 1961, at the Intercontinental Hotel, Karachi.

Further down the road, Liberty Books opened in more locations. Liberty Books was one of the first local brands to start selling online, way back in 1998. They deliver to 350 cities in Pakistan and it is the largest chain of bookstores that are managed locally.

The variety at Liberty Books

Catering to all segments of the society, Liberty Books has a large catalogue which encompasses most subjects. They stock books in Urdu and English, both. With the subject range being a lot wider in English, as it is the reigning international language. Urdu sadly does not have the same level of publishing happening.

From self-help to history, to fiction, to coffee table books, all the way to comics and graphic novels; Liberty Books stocks something for everyone. The brand also helps in acquiring books that they may not have catalogued which is a great aid to someone looking for something that is not otherwise locally available.

The prices at Liberty Books vary, with options all along the price range from top to bottom. The price depends on the book in question.

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The best price of Liberty Books in Pakistan is Rs. 513.75 and the estimated average price is Rs. 1,976.

Price List

Model Price
Liberty Value Pack 11 Rs. 897
Degrees of Freedom Rs. 1,796.25
11.22.63 Rs. 1,836
Liberty Before Liberalism Rs. 5,945.75
Free Your Mind Rs. 2,970.75
Education as Freedom Rs. 1,046.25
The World of the Book Rs. 4,245.75
Independence: The Struggle to Set America Free Rs. 4,496.25
Whereabouts Rs. 2,970.75
Libra Rs. 671.25
Department 19 Rs. 845.75
Freedom’s Child Rs. 671.25