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The best price of Lifebuoy in Pakistan is Rs. 45 and estimated average price is Rs. 300.


A brand that is closely associated with germ-killing soap, Lifebuoy has been a leader for over a century. The brand also produces a range of shampoos and hand washes. The price of all their products is in the affordable ranges.


The Lifebuoy brand

One of the original products of the Unilever conglomerate, starting as the Lifebuoy Roayl Disinfectant Soap in 1894. A brand that was literally targeting the betterment of personal hygiene. The Lifebuoy brand has had one of the most successful health education programs in the world and Pakistan.

This was something many developing nations lacked, causing a lot of death in children from diarrhoea. The simple act of washing hands has helped save lives. Lifebuoy soap is big in parts of Africa and Asia; the latter region Lifebuoy Soap is the market leader wherever it is available.

Research conducted by the Unilever group shows 100% more effective protection from germs in comparison to regular soaps.

One can find shampoo, soap and hand wash from Lifebuoy.

Lifebuoy Soap

There are not that many variants of the soap, some are slightly milder while another smells like lemon. The basics are the same, a soap that protects from germs well. The Lifebuoy soap range is available as soap bars, liquid soap and the same in smaller sachets. 

Lifebuoy Shampoo

This range is designed for better care of one's hair. As hair is mostly protein, Lifebuoy Shampoos have a focus on replenishing the nutrition regarding this, with a few different kinds of shampoos that are slightly personalised to customer groups.

The variants include Herbal, Anti Hairfall, Anti Dandruff, and Silky Soft Shampoo. These have different effects on the hair, one can choose the correct one according to their hair type.

Lifebuoy hand wash

The brand also produces liquid soaps in the form of hand washes, these are often seen in public spaces as people may not feel as comfortable sharing a bar of soap. The level of effectiveness regarding a Lifebuoy soap's ability to fight germs is also part of their hand washes. This makes it an ideal hand wash for washrooms with a high level of traffic.

One can find Lifebuoy hand washes in four variants. These are Total, Nature, Care and Activefresh. The scents vary a bit as to their harness or mildness, in case one wants something that is not as strong.


The product line of Lifebuoy is all competitively priced, making it relatively affordable to a lot more people in Pakistan.

Price List

Model Price
Lifebuoy Total 10 Handwash Refill 1000ml Rs. 630
Lifebuoy Strong & Thick Shampoo 375ml Rs. 505
Lifebuoy Mild Care Handwash Refill 1000ml Rs. 630
Lifebuoy Herbal Strong Shampoo with Aloe Vera Rs. 277
Lifebuoy Anti Dandruff Strong & Long Shampoo 380ml Rs. 545
Lifebuoy Strength & Shiny Shampoo 380Ml Rs. 545
Lifebuoy Hand Wash Total 10 Rs. 189
Lifebuoy Herbal Shampoo 175ml Rs. 220
Lifebuoy Sanitizer 65ML Rs. 140
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