Lifebuoy Herbal Shampoo Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Lifebuoy Herbal Shampoo in Pakistan is Rs. 180 and estimated average price is Rs. 468.


Lifebuoy has been producing personal care and hygiene products since 1895. The Lifebuoy Herbal Shampoo is part of a wider collection of hair care treatments for the whole family. Available in three sizes from small to large in an easy to use shampoo bottle that can be shared by the whole family.


The Lifebuoy herbal shampoo is called Strong & Long Herbal Shampoo that focuses on delivering natural ingredients that repair and strengthen the hair without using harsh and artificial cleaners and preservatives. It will remove dirt, grime, pollutants and bacteria from the hair without stripping it from its natural softness and moisture. The formula will support accelerated hair growth and prevent hair loss. Long hair is hard to care for as it often suffers from breakage and tangles due to sun exposure and the collection of pollutants. Washing the hair with Lifebouy herbal shampoo will ensure it remains naturally healthy and strong throughout the year.  

It is designed as a gentle shampoo formula as it does not contain harsh parabens and sulphates that can disturb the hairs natural PH balance. The formula has nourishing and conditioning Milk Proteins that restore and strengthen the hair rebuilding the hair strands so that they appear fuller and thicker. The other key ingredient in the shampoo is Neem Tree extracts that promote hair growth by stimulating the hair follicle cells to regenerate and reproduce preventing baldness. The highly moisturising quality of Neem protected the hair from dryness and helps improve hair texture.

The Lifebuoy herbal shampoo will treat unwanted dandruff and soothe the scalp reducing chronic itching. The antibacterial cleansing of Neem Tree will protect the scalp from being infected with lice. 

Price List

Model Price
Lifebuoy Herbal Strong Milk Protein + Aloe Vera S… Rs. 510
Lifebuoy Herbal Shampoo 375ml Rs. 430
Lifebuoy Shampoo Herbal 375 ML X1 Rs. 486
Lifebuoy Shampoo Herbal 175ml Rs. 226
LIFEBUOY Herbal Shampoo Naturally Long 375ML Rs. 510
Lifebuoy Herbal Strong Strength Shampoo, 175ml Rs. 280
Lifebuoy Herbal Shampoo 650ml Rs. 690
Lifebuoy Herbal Shampoo 175ml Rs. 180
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