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The best price of Lighting in Pakistan is Rs. 960 and estimated average price is Rs. 13,724.


Lighting is available in many different forms and can be used to light up one's home, office or outdoor space. A need once the sun goes down; lighting is everywhere. There are a lot of options when it comes to designs and some options when it comes to the kind of technology used to produce light. The price of lighting is totally dependent on the kind, size and brand.


Lighting is needed once the sun sets, all our spaces have some form of lights to keep them illuminated so we can see in the darker hours. There are so many different designs one can choose from. From simple lighting fixtures that are functional and help one forget they are even there to lights that are a lot more fancy and could be sculpted works of art. This range of options gives one a lot of choices, letting you pick the one that suits your space.

The kind of lighting a space has can greatly affect the mood of people, for instance, white light can make one more awake or even be a bit too much and cause one to feel wired. A light that replicates daylight has a more calming effect and is often the preferred colour. If a room is too bright or the light is the wrong colour it can cause stress and headaches.

The forms and types of lighting

Lighting comes in various forms, there are bulbs, tubes and strips. The different kinds include incandescent, compact fluorescent (CFL), halogen and LEDs. The incandescent is the oldest form that came with a filament that is set inside a sealed gas chamber. CFL lights are what are also commonly called energy savers. For a more powerful lamp, there is the halogen option. LEDs are the most energy-efficient choice as far as consumption goes and heat generation goes.

Another variation is the colour temperature of a light source, this can range from white to yellow. In some cases, there are also options that have multiple colours, such as LED lights. This lets one control their ambience a lot better and are therefore often used in rooms where one would want to add colour for a certain part or wash over the room with colour.

Halogen lamps are used for floodlights for outdoor or sports venues. These provide enough light for it to seem like day and helps one see a lot better in case they are playing sports or need an area to be monitored for security. In case of construction at night, halogen lamps are used as well.

Modern features

Today one can easily find smart lights, these can be controlled via a smartphone over a WiFi connection. This lets you turn your lights off or on even if you are not at home. One can control other features such as setting a time for them to on or off or if they have that feature even change the colour through a smartphone.

Lighting fixtures

The fixtures themselves are not to be confused with the source of light. Fixtures are what lightbulbs or tubes are set inside. These fixtures are made for the ceiling or walls. There are a lot of brands that produce such fixtures and the designs range from simple to very complex with crystals or other such fancy additions.

The angle of light is also something that fixtures control, some are designed to bounce the light onto the ceiling; others create an even pattern all around the fixture on the wall. This is also a good way to not be looking directly at the light source, something that can cause undue strain on the eyes.

Lamps are also a sort of light fixture but a standalone, meaning it is not screwed onto the wall or roof. These too have an endless number of designs available to choose from.


There are a lot of brands that over the years have produced lighting, the foremost one being Phillips; with their HUE label producing smart lighting solutions.

The price of lighting is based on what kind it is and also the brand that made it. A smart LED bulb would cost more compared to a regular LED bulb.

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Model Price
Adjustable Wall Mounted Waterproof Sconce Square … Rs. 5,999
Bloody MP-50RS RGB Gaming Mouse Pad - RGB Borders… Rs. 5,525
Miraz Pair of Lamps Rs. 15,700
THZY lighting gaming keyboard mouse Rs. 4,500
Aputure Barndoors, Grid, and Gel Holder Rs. 19,500
Coarts CLS-STLFLD-200W-6K 200-Watt Stella Floodli… Rs. 12,500
Ikea Strala LED lighting chain Rs. 14,500
Portable Swing Whimsical W... Rs. 22,725
SKU: CEF281922 Note: Due to lighting and differen… Rs. 7,000
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