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The best price of Livon Hair Oil in Pakistan is Rs. 900 and estimated average price is Rs. 900.


Livon oil or serum contains Morrocan Argan oil that is known as one of the best solutions for dry and frizzy hair. If you could use one, check out Livon hair oil prices in Pakistan and continue reading for more information on the product and its benefits.


Dry and frizzy hair account for most of our bad hair days. While weather plays an important role in how your hair looks, using certain oils and serums can make a huge difference. Livon is credited for being the first Indian company to introduce a leave-in hair conditioner in the country. It also produces some great hair oils and serums that have become industry favourites. 

Livon Hair Oil Benefits

Many companies infuse their hair products with pure Morrocan Argan oil for its multiple benefits. Here are some of the main uses of hair oil and serum by Livon that one can get if the oil is incorporated into regular use. 

1. Reduces frizz

2. Makes hair look neat and well kept

3. Reduces and prevents hair breakage

4. Hydrates and fixes dry and damaged hair

5. Great for adding shine to the hair

6. Gives a non-greasy and lightweight hair taming solution

7. Makes your hair feel soft and silky

8. Great for use as a heat protectant while styling with heating devices like hairdryers, straighteners and curlers etc.

9. Leaves hair smelling great with a light floral fragrance

10. Keeps hair tamed and looking bouncy for up to 24 hours

11. Lasts a long time since only a few drops are required for every use

Packaging & Ingredients

Livon oil comes in a transparent 50ml plastic bottle with a pink cap. It is also available in a travel-sized bottle that you can easily carry in your handbag. The oil is infused with vitamin E that is known to be the food for your hair and skin. It repairs dry and damaged hair and improves the health of hair from root to tip. 

How to Apply

Whenever you wash your hair, use a few drops of this oil and work it in your hair to detangle it and to prevent breakage. Make sure not to only use a little amount as you may end up making your hair greasy if you use a lot of product. If you have dry and frizzy hair, focus more on the lower part of the hair, massage the oil through it and then comb out the hair for a frizz-free, silken smooth shiny mane.

Side Effects

There are no known side effects of Livon hair oil but one needs to be careful with such products as no matter how pure they are claimed to be, they are chemical compositions anyway. Make sure not to use it on children as it might not be suitable for them. Also, using this oil way too much than required can make your hair undesirably oily.

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Livon Serum, Hair Essential For Damage Protection… Rs. 900
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