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The best price of Logitech Keyboard in Pakistan is Rs. 3,895 and estimated average price is Rs. 14,228.


Logitech is among the known brands which produce peripherals, their range also includes keyboards of various kinds. Prices vary depending on the specific kind of keyboard. For instance, a portable keyboard would cost a lot less than the mechanical option.



Good peripherals make all the difference to one's work or gaming flow. Logitech is a leading brand in this segment of the market. The brand produces many different kinds of devices, including keyboards.

Logitech keyboards

The basic optionality is with wireless or wired keyboard. The new age means people use their keyboards with a smart TV, so wireless variants are useful for such. Some of these also feature a trackpad mouse, built into one side fo the keyboard. If you want something that is energy efficient Logitech also has solar-powered keyboards. A full charge on one of these can last 3 months without any light.

Ergonomics are crucial to efficiency, which is why Logitech also has options which have the arched key placement. This is made so one can have a more comfortable hand placement over extended periods.

One can also find mechanical keyboards among the collection. These are the prime kind of keyboards, made for gamers. Built to be hards and with super snappy keys, mechanical keyboards are the top end of performance keyboards. These generally also have backlights as gamers are often sitting in low light environments so their screen is more in focus.

Some models also let users set hotkeys that can execute actions with the press of a key or even launch a software. The design of the Logitech keyboard range is efficient and minimal. The options include portable variants and well; these can fit into your laptop bag.

Given the wide range of devices we use today, Logitech keyboards have compatibility with computers, tablets, smart TV and even smartphones. This, of course, does depend on the model of keyboard. Typing on a touch screen can be annoying so one fo these keyboards can be very useful.

The brand has also taken into account that one person owns a few devices, so a single keyboard can be set up to work with multiple devices. The switching between devices is super easy as well, making it a simple process to move from your computer to tablet or another device.

Depending on the model, connectivity varies. There are some that are based around Bluetooth and some which have a small USB receiver; others have both of these options in case one needs either.


The price range is very varied as Logitech has a lot of options, the simpler or smaller ones cost less while the higher grade and ones with more features cost more. One can choose based on their needs and also their budget.

Price List

Model Price
Logitech G512 Mechanical USB Gaming keyboard Rs. 23,799
Logitech MK240 Nano Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Com… Rs. 7,299
Logitech K375s Multi-Device Wireless Bluetooth Ke… Rs. 5,899
Logitech MK275 Wireless Combo - ( A-E ) Rs. 15,998
Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Touch Keyboard Rs. 5,395
Logitech K840 Mechanical Keyboard Rs. 19,594
Logitech G613 Wireless Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Rs. 14,995
Logitech MK240 Nano Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Com… Rs. 7,299
Logitech G213 Prodigy RGB Gaming Keyboard Rs. 7,599
Logitech K840 Aluminium Mechanical Keyboard Rs. 8,995
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