Lolane Hair Straightening Cream Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Lolane Hair Straightening Cream in Pakistan is Rs. 450 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,011.


Lolane Hair Straightening Cream is a Hydrolyzed Keratin treatment that is designed to strengthen hair, reduce frizz, restore softness and shine to coarse, dry, damaged, curly, wavy and resistant hair.


The Lolane Hair Straightening Cream has a range of products available in Strong and Normal versions of the straightening formula. Each treatment has its instructions designed for various kinds of textured hair. Straight Off and Pixxel Hair Straightening are both hair straightening creams. The straightening treatment will include multiple products packed into one box. There will be a tube containing the Hair Straightening Cream with Protein Conditioner that should be mixed with the bottle that says Protein Booster. After washing and shampooing the hair, go ahead and apply the mixture leaving 1cm distance from the scalp. After 10 - 15 minutes check on the elasticity of the hair and wash off the cream. Blow-dry the hair thoroughly and use a ceramic plate hair iron to seal in the treatment. Make sure the product does not come into contact with your skin as the chemicals can cause irritation and skin burns. Apply the Hair Neutralizer Cream to the hair using a fine-tooth comb and just rinse out the cream with water. Once the hair is rinsed using the Keratin Repair Mask that will replenish the hair with essential proteins that will lock in moisture and strengthen the hair. Men and women can use the Lolane Hair Straightening Cream as this treatment is easy to use and does not require professional hairstyling expertise. It is popularly used at hair salons but can also be done at home as long as you have latex gloves to protect your skin from the harsh chemicals in the cream. Be sure to do an allergy test of 48 hours before applying the cream to your entire hair. 

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Model Price
Lolanee Pixxel Keratin Hair Straightening Cream F… Rs. 1,299
Lolanee Pixxel Keratin Hair Straightening Cream F… Rs. 1,299
Lolanee Pixxel Keratin Hair Straightening Cream F… Rs. 1,299
Shop Zone Lolane Hair Straightening Cream With Co… Rs. 1,099
Lolanee Pixxel Keratin Hair Straightening Cream F… Rs. 1,299
Lolane Permanent Hair Straightening Cream Strong Rs. 1,099
Lolane Straight Off Strong Hair Straightening Cre… Rs. 950
Lolane Pixel Hydrolyzed Keratin Hair Straightenin… Rs. 899
Lolane Pixxel Hair Straightening Strong Keratin F… Rs. 699
Shopznowpk Lolane Hair Straightening Cream with C… Rs. 1,299
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