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BB creams by Loreal are a rich combination of multiple products such as primer, moisturizer, SPF, skin treatment, foundation and concealer. It is an all in one cream that caters to minor skin problems and is a great way to hydrate your skin while giving it a youthful glow. Loreal BB cream prices in Pakistan vary depending on the type and size of the product. Read on for a short review to decide on whether you would like to invest in a BB cream or would rather opt for Loreal's CC or DD creams. 

Pros & Cons


  • Economical

  • Moisturizes skin

  • Great makeup primer

  • Enhances complexion

  • Protects against UV rays

  • Anti-photoaging properties

  • Acts as an additional skin barrier

  • Perfect for pulling a no-makeup look


  • Not for acne-prone skin

  • Doesn't do much in hiding serious blemishes


Loreal's BB creams are one of the highlights of the brand and cater to all skin types and tones. An important thing to remember is that despite having some skincare properties, BB cream by Loreal is still makeup and should always be removed before going to bed. Also, the added UV protection does not rule out the need for a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

Formulation & Ingredients

The BB creams and tinted moisturizers by Loreal are formulated to suit all skin types and tones. The BB creams come in all shades and feature "Beautifying Beads" of pigment that accelerate the skin's rejuvenation and hydration process. At the same time, these BB creams perfect and prime the skin, giving it a natural glow. The creams have an ultra-light consistency that feels like next to nothing on your skin and doesn't clog the pores. BB creams by Loreal also contain UV protection against the harmful rays of the sun. 

Loreal BB Cream Types

They come in several types and shades, each one catering to different skin problems and concerns. BB creams by Loreal are for oily skin as well as dry and combination skin types.

1. Loreal Nude Magique BB cream

2. Loreal Lucent Magique BB cream

3. L'Oreal Revitalift Repair BB cream

4. Loreal Magic By Studio Secrets Skin Beautifier

5. Loreal Magic BB Anti-Fatigue

6. Loreal Magic BB Anti-Redness

Loreal BB Cream Sale

Loreal frequently put BB creams on sale with 50% to 70% off on them. Look out for Black Friday sale, New year, Eid sale, Independence Day, Christmas, summer winter and spring sales to avail these discounts on BB creams by Loreal.

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