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Loreal Sunblock protects the skin from harmful UV rays of the sun by blocking them out. It helps prevent sunburns, darkening of the skin, fine lines and wrinkles. It had a water-resistant formula that helps protect the complexion during outdoor activities. Using the Loreal Sunblock will ensure your skin remains bright and youthful for longer.


The UV Defender is a Loreal sunblock with SPF 50+ PA++++ that provides broad-spectrum protection against UVA, UVB and Long Range UV. It can help reduce the accumulation of pollution on the skin by creating a powerful barrier that prevents pimples, bumps and roughness. There are various kinds of Loreal sunblock products that are vitamin-enriched to help instantly brighten the face complexion or control excess oil build-up through mattifying agents.

They have added antioxidant and Vitamin CG (a synthetic version of Vitamin C) that reduces hyperpigmentation and discolouration from the skin. The non-greasy and lightweight texture of Loreal sunblock makes it breathable and easy to wear throughout the day. UV Perfect Matte Fresh SPF 50 is a Loreal sunblock that has an advanced oil-control formula that keeps oily skin dry and relaxed under the sun.

The Super Aqua Essense SPF 50 is an ultra-light sunblock that has a watery texture that is quickly absorbed and powered with anti-oxidants that keep the skin feeling soft and hydrated. Loreal sunblock products with the added foundation will tint the skin as well as protect it from harmful UV rays. The tint helps conceal any flaws and blemishes while keeping your skin safe and healthy while being outdoors.

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