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The best price of Lu Biscuits in Pakistan is Rs. 10 and estimated average price is Rs. 116.


Originally owned by the French food giant, Groupe Danone, Lefèvre Utile commonly known as LU is now a part of the US-based multinational food company Mondelēz International. LU Biscuits are quite popular in Pakistan owing to the traditional "chai biscuit" culture of Pakistan. These biscuits are widely consumed and chances are that you will find LU biscuits on the list of confectionaries served to guests in every Pakistani household. Check Lu Biscuits prices in Pakistan on this page and order your favourite online.


Apart from tasting great, LU biscuits are sold at affordable prices in Pakistan which makes them accessible to people from all socioeconomic classes. The company has several brands to offer. 

LU Biscuits Brands

LU biscuits include Milco LU, Candi, Tiger, TUC, Prince, Oreo, Zeera Plus, Gala, Bakeri and Wheatable. LU Bakeri range includes Coconut cookies, Nankhatais, Bisticks and Butter cookies. MilcoLU by LU Biscuits has recently made a comeback after it was discontinued in the 90s. MilcoLU biscuits are popular amongst the younger lot for their milky taste and vanilla flavouring.

Baked with the finest ingredients, LU biscuits are loved by many and are a popular tea time snack item. While those with a sweet tooth tend to prefer the sweetened cookies by LU, mostly prefer the saltish TUC biscuits and Zeera Plus by LU for tea or coffee. 

Price List

Model Price
Lu Tuc Biscuit (6 Half Roll Box) Rs. 106
Lu 50 50 - Sweet & Salty (24 Ticky Packs) Rs. 120
LU Bakeri Naan Khatai 12 Bar Packs Rs. 200
LU Prince Chocolate Biscuits 95g Rs. 95
Lu Bakeri Coconut Family Pack Rs. 90
LU Bakeri Coconut Cookies, 84g Rs. 80
LU Tuc Crispiest & Lightest Salted Biscuit Family… Rs. 50
LU Wheatable Biscuits (Family Pack) 129.6g Rs. 90
Lu Zeera Plus (24 Ticky Pack Box) Rs. 30
LU Bakery Coconut Cookies Rs. 45
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