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Compare 47 prices from 6 stores.

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When Meherbano Sethi came to Pakistan in 2007 after graduating from Boston University, the lack of homegrown cosmetic brands led to the idea of having one of her own. Hence Luscious Cosmetics was born with its first store in Dubai, UAE. Today, Luscious stands as the only Pakistani brand to make it to the French beauty retailer Sephora and sells above 1.2 million units a year in the Asia Pacific region alone. Luscious cosmetics are free of harmful chemicals like paraben and petrochemical ingredients. It also claims to manufacture vegan and cruelty-free items and doesn't even use beeswax in its products. The brand sells an extensive range of high-quality cosmetics at affordable prices in Pakistan.

Pros & Cons


  • Pakistani brand

  • Budget-friendly

  • Extensive range of cosmetics

  • Perfect for Pakistani skin tones


  • Not enough options for very fair skin tones

  • Some makeup palettes don't include brush and mirror


Luscious Cosmetics are specially formulated to withstand hot and humid climates. Most western cosmetic brands lack this feature, hence creating quite an inconvenience for users who live in warmer parts of the world. The makeup melts away as soon as you step out into the scorching sun, making the makeup look patchy and tacky. Being a Dubai-based brand, Luscious designed the makeup formula for the hot climate of the UAE. This led to the creation of high-quality and long-lasting makeup products, that don't end up making your face look cakey. 

Luscious Cosmetics Collection

Not many brands cater to darker complexions and this makes cosmetic shopping very frustrating for dark-skinned people. The brand has a huge collection of cosmetics specially formulated to suit the beautiful dusky skin tones of Asian people. 


Luscious Cosmetics has a wide array of products that include hydrating lip primers as well as carefully formulated and highly pigmented matte and moisturizing lipsticks, lipliners and lipglosses.

1. Luscious Lip Primers

Lip primers are worn to give an instant smoothness to the lips without making them greasy as the lip balms do. Prep your lips with Luscious lip primers before applying lipsticks to prime and prepare them for a more colour staying power. Primers hydrate your lips and fill in lines to give u a canvas for seamless lipstick application.

2. Luscious The Heartbreaker Matte Collection

Luscious has a lovely collection of super matte lipsticks called The Heartbreaker Matte collection. Amongst the many colours, it has one pretty shade of pink called Player 06, suitable for cute little teenagers while ladies who are into gothic makeovers can opt for this beautiful black matte shade in Daredevil 18.

3. Luscious Super Moisturizing Lipstick

Another category of Luscious lipsticks is an array of super moisturizing and pigmented lip colours that give a creamy and juicy texture to the lips. Three of the prettiest colours out of the lot are plum, honeydew and vintage rose.

4. Luscious Signature Lipsticks

Then there is a wonderful small collection of Signature lipsticks by the brand. The lipsticks in this category are a lightweight and velvety formulation with rich pigment. The colours are bold and bright and the lipsticks are augmented with Jojoba Oil that ensures longer wearability and hydration.

5. Luscious Double Dazzle Lipglosses

Luscious also has a collection of 2-in-1 double ended lipglosses Double Dazzle that come in beautiful colours with interesting names such as Peaches & Cream, Sassy & Coy and Bold & Beautiful etc. You will get two gorgeous shades paired together in one svelte packaging. The duo has fresh shimmering and sheer textures that can be used alone during daytime or together to create a glam look for a fun night out. 


You will find a wide array of useful products for the eyes at Luscious. Everything from eye primers, mascaras, faux lashes, eyeliner, eye shadow pigments, kohl pencils etc is available online as well as in major stores of big cities. 

1. Luscious "Angel Eyes" Eye Primer

Packaged in a svelte looking purplish-blue tube, the Angel Eye primer is applied to the eyes before putting on eye makeup for a flawless and smooth makeup application. This nude coloured primer has a non-creasing and smooth formula that makes the eyeshade stick to the eyelid, enhancing the longevity of the eye makeup. It also intensifies the pigment of the eyeshadow by giving an even base to the makeup artist to work on. Some people with stubborn dark circles also use this product as a concealer and it works perfectly well for them. Many have also claimed it to be the dupe of MAC Soft Ochre as well as Urban Decay Primer Potion. 

2. Luscious Precious Metals Loose Eyeshadow Pigments

These eyeshadow pigments come in four distinct combinations and are set in a stackable pot. Each pot features three different yet gorgeously coordinated colours. Made out of pearlized powder, the pigments give an exotic look to your eye makeup and can be worn alone as well as layered on with other shades to achieve a gorgeous looking multi-toned eye makeup look. These pigments are super blendable because of their silken texture and ultra-concentrated formulation. Use them wet or dry but to enhance the pigmentation, first use the Angel Eyes Primer and then apply the eyeshadow with a wet applicator for a longer staying makeup.

3. Faux Mink/Real Glam Lashes

Luscious has a range of luxurious 3D faux mink eyelashes that are handmade. They are made out of superior quality mink fibres that enhance the beauty of your eyes by giving length and volume to your lashes. Being weightless, wearing them doesn't feel like you have something on and they don't make your eyes look heavily done like most of the faux eyelashes end up making you look. 

4. Eyelash Mascaras

Currently Luscious has two highly defining and pigmented mascaras to offer; the Curl Addict and Incredible Lash mascaras. Use the Curl Addict mascara to add length and for creating a beautiful and buildable volume to your lashes. This mascara will curl and define your lashes with only a few swipes, without making them look dried out. The lash wand has a unique triple helix design that can reach every lash and bring out the volume and length to each one of them.

It also lengthens the small lashes that other mascara brushes fail to even touch because of the big gaps in their designs. All you need to do to achieve a lovely daytime look is to apply one coat of the Curl Addict mascara, starting at the base of the lashes and then wiggling your way out all through the tips. For a more intense evening look, wait for the first coat to dry out and then apply the second one to add more drama to your lashes. The mascara is water-resistant and won't flake off during the entire wear. Use a gentle eye make-up remover to take the mascara off.

5. Brow Luxe Mascaras, Gels, Pencils and Powders

Luscious also offers the Brow Luxe line that includes a variety of products for grooming the eyebrows. Brow Luxe mascaras are great for shaping and enhancing the colour of your eyebrows. The brow luxe tool kit includes 3 small palettes that each contain a duo of eyebrow powders and an eyebrow wax to set the brows in place. Featuring Dark, Medium and Light tones, these palettes suit all hair colours and complexions.

The palette is a mirrored kit and also includes the necessary tools for grooming your eyebrows at home such as an angled eyebrow powder applicator, a spoolie brush, a set of tweezers and eyebrow stencils. This compact kit is portable and can be carried in the purse for touch-ups on the go.


For the face, Luscious Cosmetics has a lovely collection of cream and stick foundations, SPF containing tinted moisturizers, contour kits, shimmers, blush-on, oil control pressed powders, glow kits, translucent face powders etc.

1. The Brightening Base Primer

This category has a collection of oil-free, skin-nourishing moisturizers, primers and sunscreens all blended into one product. Wear this under your makeup before going out in the sun as this will protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun while nourishing it with its anti-ageing ingredients. The primer also helps prep your skin for even application of makeup products and prevent them from settling into fine lines and pores.

2. Luscious Softlight All Day Glow Foundations

The brand has a collection of buildable and pigmented liquid foundations called the Softlight All Day Glow Foundations. The formula is lightweight and super comfortable to wear and sits on your face like a second skin. It has light-diffusing particles with buildable coverage, perfect for creating a matte finish that looks natural and smooth. Available in 8 shades that suit almost every skin tone, the foundation is best applied to the skin with a flat-topped Kabuki brush or the free sponge that is included with every Softlight foundation.

The foundation can be applied with your fingertips too, giving you a glowy bright complexion that lasts up to 12 hours. The hydrating formula is infused with rich skin-refining ingredients that moisturize and protect your skin against going dull or dehydrated. Softlight foundations have medium to full coverage that results in a glowy matte finish, without making your face look cakey or made up. Shade number 2 is perfect for Dusky skin tones while ladies with fairer complexions can opt for shade number 1 for more natural-looking coverage.

3. Luscious Camera Stick Foundation

Makeup brands know the importance of producing camera-friendly cosmetics as makeup lovers today are the selfie generation. The camera range by Luscious Cosmetics works like a camera filter by blurring out fine lines, pores and blemishes as well as smoothening out the skin tone in pictures. As the name suggests this range is perfect for taking selfies or glamourous photos without using any in-app filters as the foundation is good enough to work like one.

The formula was developed by collaborating with top Hollywood makeup artists and is formulated to glide on your skin for an even finish. The camera stick foundation will withstand scorching heat and humidity while looking great under all lighting conditions, be it natural daylight, candlelight, camera flash or stage lights. The creamy formula is super blendable and glides onto the skin giving a flawless finish. This foundation is a medium to full coverage formula that can also be used as a concealer to camouflage blemishes, spots and sun damage.

The soft matte velvet finish makes your skin look flawless and shine-free. People with oily skins can use this pro tip of making your foundation last longer by applying a translucent powder before using this foundation and then applying another layer of translucent powder on top of this foundation. That makes the base super lasting and flawless looking. It will also control excess oil production that could end up smearing your makeup.

4. Luscious Camera Powder & Velvet Matte Oil Control Pressed Powder

Use either one of these powders after you have applied your favourite foundation for a smoother and flawless finish. The weightless and sheer oil control pressed powder mattifies your skin while minimizing pores, making your skin tone evened out and shine-free. It is enriched with vitamins and antioxidants that control the oil production of your skin and make it look silken smooth with its blendable triple-milled formula.

The powder will not make your face look cakey as it is not thick. Its formulation is transfer-resistant, mattifying and oil-balancing that is dermatologically tested to suit all skin types. The translucent Camera Powder will give you a flawless look all day long. It is an extra finely milled consistency that performs the function of a makeup setter as well as a concealer that blurs out fine lines and imperfections. The best way to apply it is with a beauty blender or a large powder brush in patting motion to firmly set the makeup in place. Apply blushes and bronzers after this step. 

5. Luscious Spellbinder Makeup Setting Spray

For extra flawless and long-wearing makeup, spritz on the Spellbinder makeup setting spray after you are done with your entire makeup. A sweet-smelling concoction of organic pineapple juice and exquisite botanicals like honeysuckle extract and rosewater, this makeup setting spray not only locks in the makeup for extended wearability but also gives a pleasing dose of healthy nutrients to your skin.

This spray will protect your makeup from melting off in the sun or getting smudgy in harsh weather by creating a barrier on the skin. Spellbinder spray will also ensure your makeup become transfer-resistant so you won't see those horrible foundation patches on your smartphone or your friend's cheek after greeting them! Just make sure to shake the bottle well before spraying on, hold it at 6 to 8 inches distance from the face and then spritz on twice and then give it a minute to set. 

6. Face Contour Kits

Contouring and strobing have become two of the most popular face shaping techniques that were made famous in recent times by the beautiful Hollywood actor Kim Kardashian. Apart from her, Instagram makeup artists added to its popularity even more and today makeup is deemed incomplete without a perfectly chiselled face. Luscious Cosmetics offer compact face contour kits for a perfectly contoured picture-perfect face.

The shades are formulated without any harmful chemicals like parabens, sulfates, phthalates and triclosan. The face contour kit includes four different shades used on different spots on the face such as the dark colour is used to contour and accentuate cheekbones and jawline. The medium colour is used on the temples, forehead, chin and sides of the nose for a natural-looking contour. Highlighter is applied on the bridge of the nose, cheekbones, under the brow bone, Cupid's bow, forehead etc to enhance that part of the face.

The last step is to apply the illuminator for an even sexier glow that makes your skin look youthful and radiant. Apply it to the bridge of the nose, inner corners of the eyes or the centre of your forehead A secret formula that mimics light. Use is for a sexy glow on the bridge of the nose, the centre of your forehead, chin or inner corners of your eyes to instantly brighten up your face and make your eyes look wider. In case you cant memorize the steps, just use the "Guide to Gorgeous" booklet included with the kit. 

7. Powder & Cream Blush-on 

Makeup isn't complete if the right blush is not applied to the cheeks. Whether powder or cream, the texture depends on your skin type and the kind of makeup look you are trying to achieve. For a matte yet glowy finish, go for the cream blush variety. For more mattified and shine-free results, opt for the powder blush.

The cream blushes come in 6 lovely shades of pinks and browns, suitable for all skin tones and types. They can also be used on the lips as a lip stain and are highly pigmented. Just use a small amount on the cheeks and then blend it out till you achieve the perfect seamless look.

The powder blush variety includes ten highly pigmented shimmer and matter shades formulated in a velvety smooth texture that is super blendable and great for adding a pop of colour to your skin. Use the powder blush to create a seductive depth to your features as they enhance, brighten and flatter the shape of your face. Use the matte shades alone or top them with the shimmer shades to create the perfect makeup diva look.

8. Luscious Glow Remix Highlighters & Face Shiners

Strobing is a makeup technique used to highlight the strong points of your face or the features that you want to stand out. Inspired by the art of strobing, the Glow Remix highlighters and Face Shiners are a collection of highly pigmented and multi-dimensional shimmers and shiners for the face. The Glow remix palette features four gorgeous shades that suit all skin tones.

Face shiners are a collection of 5 softly tinted shades of loose powder for creating a luminous sheen on your face. The best thing about these highlighters and shiners is that they are finely milled and don't contain glitter or shimmer particles. Use them as a last step to add a seductive glow to your face by bringing attention to all your flattering features. The texture of these products is smooth and glides on your skin creating a seamless and outstanding glow on your face.

Luscious Brushes & Tools

You will find all sorts of makeup brushes and tools at Luscious ranging from individual tools, makeup blenders to complete brush sets. All brushes are made out of safe and natural or synthetic fibres. The brushes and tools can be used for flawless and seamless application of foundation, face powder, eyeshadows, concealers, blush etc.

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The best price of Luscious Cosmetics in Pakistan is Rs. 1,150 and the estimated average price is Rs. 2,214.

Price List

Model Price
Luscious Cosmetics Sparkling Face Shimmer, Starli… Rs. 1,475
Luscious Cosmetics Face Contour Kit Rs. 2,650
Luscious Cosmetics Sparkling Face Shimmer, Egypti… Rs. 1,150
Luscious Cosmetics Super Moisturizing Lipstick, B… Rs. 1,175
Luscious Cosmetics Sparkling Face Shimmer, Fairy … Rs. 1,475
Luscious Hydra Color Moisturizing Lipstick, Sunri… Rs. 1,175
Luscious Cosmetics Sparkling Face Shimmer, Shimme… Rs. 1,475
Luscious Soft Light Full Coverage Concealer, 1.5 Rs. 2,150
Luscious Soft Light Full Coverage Concealer, Peach Rs. 2,150
Luscious Cosmetics Super Moisturizing Lipstick, S… Rs. 1,175
Luscious Soft Light Full Coverage Concealer, 0 Rs. 2,150