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Compare 787 prices from 25 stores.

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The globally known Magnum Ice Cream is considered a high-end ice cream on a stick.


Premium Quality Desert

It is made from velvety, smooth and creamy ice cream that has a thick coating of Belgian chocolate that cracks at first bite. The creamy rich vanilla ice cream is from Madagascar and the Belgian Chocolate is milk flavour. Together these two indulgent ingredients make the perfect ice cream dessert. Magnum was launched in 2001 by Unilever Pakistan Limited and is 100% Halal. 


The Magnum Classic was the first to be introduced into the Pakistani market followed by Magnum Almond that has chunky toasted almond bits mixed into the chocolate. There is also the Magnum Truffle has chocolate ice cream at the centre and the Belgian chocolate is dark flavoured preferred by adults because of its complex rich taste. The Magnum Hazelnut is popular in Pakistan for its nutty chocolate flavour that pairs well with the ice cream. All packaging is 90ml and has approximately 200 plus calories in one serving. 


Magnum is made from reconstituted skimmed milk, sugar, cocoa butter, water, coconut oil, glucose, whole milk powder and butter oil as a base. It has Soybean lecithin, E476, E471 that is not harmful to children and can be given to babies older than 4 months. It is Gluten-free certified from the Rainforest Alliance. 

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