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The best price of Mah E Tamam in Pakistan is Rs. 599 and estimated average price is Rs. 17,212.


Mah e Tamam meaning Full Moon is the title of poetry collection of the renowned Pakistani poetess Perveen Shakir. It is also the title of a romantic novel by Amna Riaz that was later adapted into a drama serial by Hum TV. You can find both the novel as well as the Kulliyat at Shopsy sold by various online sellers at affordable prices in Pakistan.


Mah e Tamam by Parveen Shakir 

Parveen Shakir was a world-renowned Pakistani poetess, whose life was cut short by a tragic road accident in 1994. She was considered the pioneer of using feminism in her poetry and altered the face of the male-dominated Urdu poetry scene. She was a civil servant as well as a teacher by profession and left a rich legacy behind through her breakthrough poetry.

Shakir's books include the iconic and award-winning Khushbu, Sad-barg, Khud-Kalami and Inkaar. Mahe Tamam was published in 1994 and is a book of her "Kulliyat", a collection of all her poetry books in one volume. 

Mah e Tamam Novel by Amna Riaz

Mahe Tamam is a romantic Urdu novel written by the renowned female dramatist and writer Amna Riaz. The novel was serialized in the monthly women's magazine called Khawateen Digest. Mahe Tamam's story is based on social issues arising in Pakistani culture such as the ups and downs involved in blood relations.

The novel brings to light the ever prevailing issues in our society like generation gap, ineffective communication, misunderstandings, forgiveness, suspicion etc. It highlights the main issues in Pakistani households that fuel misunderstandings between newly married couples and their elders.

One such problem highlighted in the novel is the generation gap that makes the elders feel let down by their kids and they think they are not adhering to the cultural values and rules of the house. Young ones, on the other hand, deem these rules and restrictions unnecessary and unfair.

Mah e Tamam Drama

Hum TV adapted this novel into a drama serial spanning over 28 episodes which proved to be a super hit of the year 2018. The cast included Naveen Waqar, Emad Irfani, Ramsha Khan and Wahaj Ali in lead roles. Mahe Tamam's OST was sung by Alycia Dias, a famous Pakistani playback singer known for singing jingles and soundtracks of famous drama serials. 

Mahe Tamam novel by Amna Riaz as well as Mahe Tamam Kulliyat of Parveen Shakir are both available online at varied prices in Pakistan.

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Mah e Tamam Urdu novel byAmna Riaz Best selling u… Rs. 599
Mah e Tamam Urdu novel byAmna Riaz Best selling u… Rs. 599
Hoor / Saffron Rs. 18,900
UFAQ Kids / White Rs. 7,475
Mah e Tamam Urdu novel byAmna Riaz Best selling u… Rs. 599
Hoor / Maroon Rs. 18,900
Anchal / White Rs. 21,150
Anchal / Plum Rs. 21,150
Ufaq/Ice Blue Rs. 17,200
Anchal / Peach Rs. 21,150
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