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The best price of Malka Foods in Pakistan is Rs. 80 and estimated average price is Rs. 118.


Malka Foods makes cooking easy by providing essential species needed to make Karahi and Curry that are favourite dishes of every Pakistani household. These dishes are made from tomatoes and the base of chopped onions that is mixed with spices like turmeric, cumin, red chilli powder along with ginger and garlic. These signature dishes are had with nan or roti.


Quality Spices & Condiments 

The Malka Foods brand specialises in traditional Pakistani food products such as boxed species, recipe based spice, premium pulses, pink salt, fried onions, dry fruits and tomato ketchup. These are prepared locally by experienced chefs, food experts and R&D staff of Malka Foods.

Certified & Seal of Approval

The Malka Foods salt is completely hygienic with 84 minerals that promote good health and protection from any deficiencies in the body. There are traditional Iodized and Refined salt options available in 800g a packet. Their products manufacturing follows global food regulations and is certified by the FDA, PSQCA, AQIS, and ISO 9001. All products are 100% Halal Certified ensuring that consumers are able to observe their religious practices without fear of any contamination. 

Kitchen Essentials 

The products offered by Malka Foods are used daily in the kitchen to prepare Pakistani cuisine. The fresh spices are high quality that provides convenience in cooking difficult dishes such as BBQ, karahi, biryani, marination for fried meats and chats.

Affordable & Budget Friendly 

These traditional recipes can feel complicated to a beginner cook that needs help in preparing the right spice recipe. The products are affordable and consistent in their quality ensuring that gourmet tasting foods can be prepared without any prior experience. 

Recipe & Taste 

The Malka recipe mixes feel new and improved as compared to other spice brands as they focus on providing better packaging, advertising and innovation in meal preparation. The popular item in their range is the easy to use ginger and garlic paste that is the foundation of every Pakistani curry and karahi dish. Their spices can be sued to cook both meat and vegetable dishes in a variety of styles.  

Malka Foods Spice Range    

Available in boxes with 50g and 100g quantity, the Red Chili, Black Pepper, Garam Masala, Coriander, Cumin, Garlic and Ginger powder makes the perfect pantry set for cooking. Red Chilli Power is essential in Pakistani cooking for that masaladaar and tasty kick that makes every dish satisfying for the whole family. The spice pantry is created in the kitchen in order to ensure the base curry or gravy is well balanced and perfect for cooking meat or vegetable dishes. 


There are sauces available such as Ketchup and Chili Garlic Sauce in 500g and 1kg packaging. The condiment that goes with all our favourite deep-fried snacks including samosa, chips and sandwiches are the tomato-based sauces enjoyed by children and adults. 

Pink Salt

The Himalayan Pink Salt is a natural healing salt that is becoming a popular substitute for processed salt that has several health benefits. A great substitute for refined white salt that helps maintain healthy blood pressure and lowers the risk of cancer, kidney failure or heart attack. 

Pre-cooked Fried Onions 

The signature taste of Malka Foods comes from the pre-made French-fried onions that are added to lentils and other Pakistani curries. These easy to use fried onions are called "tarka" in Urdu and are made from fresh onions cut and fried in optimum temperature oil until golden brown and crispy.

Spice Mixes 

The Malka Foods Biryani mix includes the traditional recipe as well as Lucknowi, Bombay and Sindhi Biryani versions. The Biryani styles vary region to region and Malka Foods is catering to all parts of Pakistan. There is also the essential mix for Mughlai Pulao that is served for family dinners and special occasions. These rice dishes can be made with a variety of meats included in the dish or served separately with an array of curries and karahis for lunch and dinner. 
Malka Foods offer the spice mix for Hyderabadi Achar Gosht, Shahi Korma, Chicken Curry and regular Curry Powder to help lessen preparation time for these complicated dishes. Side dishes or tea time treats to make include fruit or channa Chaat, French fries and dahi bhallay that can be seasoned with Bombay Chat Masala. 

Traditional Breakfast 

The rich and tasty breakfast curries include Lahori Paya and Delhi Nihari that are enjoyed by children and adults packed with nutrition and gourmet taste. Another speciality made easy to make at home are the Barbeque marinades that include Chicken Tikka, Tikka Boti, Tandoori, Bihari Kabab and Afghani Seekh Kabab. These meats need the perfect level of spices so that the meat can absorb the taste properly on the grill or pan. 

Regional Spices 

Every home cook has their own style of cooking meals, to help offer a wide variety there is also the Peshawari Karahi that is cooked in a wok pan. The Special White Karahi is a great dish to serve the family that will surely impress them. The rich aroma and taste of these spice mixes help create the perfect meal. Frying meats like fish is also a very tasty Pakistani dish that has its own combination of spices. The Lahori Fried Fish masala can be used directly or marinated and battered before frying. 

Special Deals & Discounts

Malka Foods offers Special Eid Bundle Deals on their Tikka Boti, Bihari Kabab and Bombay Biryani Masala that can be bought together to save money. The Pack of 3 deal is also extended into their snack spices selection that includes Bombay Chaat Masala and main course spices such as Biryani Masala. The Pack of 2 discount deal is for Pomegranate Seeds that bring a unique Mediterranean flavour to your dishes. The Pack of 3 Pink Salt is a mega deal as each bag is 900g making it easy to store at home. 

Price List

Model Price
Malka Bombay Biryani Masala, 130g Rs. 170
Malka Tikka Boti Masala Double Pack, 50g + 50g Rs. 150
Malka Lucknowi Biryani Masala, 120g Rs. 170
Malka Mughlai Pulao Masala, 50g Rs. 90
Malka Chicken 65 Masala, 50g Rs. 80
Malka Coriander Powder, 100g Rs. 90
Malka Chicken Tikka Masala Double Pack, 50g + 50g Rs. 170
Malka Delhi Nihari Masala, 120g Rs. 170
Malka Tandoori Masala Double Pack, 50g + 50g Rs. 170
Malka Mughlai Pulao Masala, 100g Rs. 170
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