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The best price of Marker Pen in Pakistan is Rs. 133 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,643.


A kind of marker that has a narrow tip, this being the reason why it is called a marker pen. These marker pens are made with felt tips and some have permanent ink as well. The thickness of the tip and the colours vary a lot. The price of a marker pen depends on the brand it belongs to.


Marker Pen

A marker pen is essentially a narrow tipped marker. They are often used for writing or drawing and are available in many different colours, and varying tip sizes. The tip is made from compressed fibres. The tip sizes for a marker pen is from the relatively thick line to a very fine line; if it is too thick a line that would constitute as a simple marker.

Depending on the specific type a marker pen could be similar to a permanent marker as far as the ink goes. This kind is useful for labelling or writing things that one wants to stick for a good while. No marker is truly permanent if one had to get down to it though.

The marker pen was patented by Lee Newman in 1910 and is considered a separate item from the permanent marker that Sydney Rosenthal is known for.


The known brands that produce marker pens include Muji, ZenZoi, Sharpie, BIC, Copic, Staedtler, Faber-Castell, Prismacolor, Pilot and Sakura. 

The prices of marker pens vary, depending on the brand more than anything else. Some are available at lower end rates while others are in the mid ranges.

Price List

Model Price
Artisan - Double Line Pen, 8 Colors Glitter Marke… Rs. 899
Water Brush, Pen Marker, Ink Water Colors (Set of… Rs. 339
Soft Brush Drawing markers felt pen C10324 - 24 P… Rs. 1,249
Soft Brush Drawing markers felt pen C10324 - 24 P… Rs. 1,075
Sakura Pen Touch Calligraphy Marker 1.8mm Rs. 400
SignMe Pack of 12 Dual Tip Watercolor Brush Marke… Rs. 949
Pack of 3 Water Brush Pen Marker Ink Water Colors… Rs. 320
Double-end Marker Pen C (Blue) Rs. 134
Faber Castell Fiber Tip Pen Marker Set of 33 pens Rs. 2,150
Cute Highlighters Pack Of 6 Colourful Mini Marker… Rs. 500
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