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The best price of Marshall Speakers in Pakistan is Rs. 46,999 and estimated average price is Rs. 109,106.


A range of portable speakers from the world-famous amplifier brand, Marshall. These speakers are high-end audio devices that are also built with great quality and have a few different sizes, one can choose based on their need and budget. The price of Marshall speakers is very high.



If you have been to only a handful of live concerts, chances are you have seen the italic Marshall logo on a guitar amp. Marshall amps are one of the most well known in the business, everyone from Hendrix to Clapton has used them. Marshall was started by Jim Marshall in the year 1962 in Britain.

Even today their amplifies use vacuum tubes, which is why they have the rich warm sound that guitarists seek.

In 2010 Marshall partnered with Zound Industries from Sweden to produce headphones and speakers.

Marshall speakers

As with the amps produced by Marshall, the speakers are also high-end audio devices. The range consists of a number of portable Bluetooth speakers which retain the classic Marshall design feel. They essentially look like mini-sized amps, with a black body, a grill and the italic logo shown on the front. Some of the models do have options for white, grey or tan brown bodies as well.

The top of Marshall speakers have the controls. Depending on the model there are either three knobs or three touch strips, these let you control the volume, bass and treble; allowing one to hone the sound according to their requirement. There is one smaller speaker that has only one control ontop that is a multifunctional button.

Alongside these, there is the AUX input, a button to toggle between the sources of media, a play/pause button and a button for voice assistant. Inputs can include AUX, Bluetooth, WiFi and RCA, depending on the specific model. Some of the models also let you connect more than one Bluetooth source in case two people are switching between music selection. 

The battery times vary, but for the size and sound, all of them have a long-lasting battery.


With the Marshall audio app, one can control the settings further. Giving you options such as ambient or stereo sound. Google home functionality also lets you play the same song on different speakers in different rooms, or different songs for each room too.

The Marshall speakers are high quality in build and sound, both. The price of these speakers is very high.

Price List

Model Price
Marshall Acton II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Black Rs. 55,999
Marshall Stockwell Portable Bluetooth Speaker Bla… Rs. 46,999
Marshall Woburn II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Bla… Rs. 112,999
Marshall Stanmore II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Rs. 150,000
StanmoreII Marshall Portable Bluetooth Speaker Bl… Rs. 149,999
Emberton BT Marshall Compact Portable Speaker Rs. 59,999
Marshall Kilburn II Portable Bluetooth Speaker Rs. 120,000
Woburn II BT Marshall Portable Bluetooth Speaker … Rs. 209,999
Marshall Woburn II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Rs. 205,000
Marshall Stanmore II Bluetooth Speaker Brown Rs. 83,500
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