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The best price of Massage Chair in Pakistan is Rs. 99 and estimated average price is Rs. 152,237.


There are nine Advance Medical Care Systems including a popularly known methodology called Reflexology. The strategy of this technique is to apply varying intensities of pressure to the feet, hands, and ears. Believed to work because of the interconnectedness of the body and organs. Tapping these certain body systems will improve the health of certain organs like the brain, heart, lungs and improve blood circulation to the overall nervous system.


Luxury and Rest

The ideal relaxation for anyone feeling tired from work is getting a massage by an expert masseuse. The different techniques offered at high-end spas can be hard to afford frequently and are time-consuming for a working professional.

Working at a desk 60 hours a week can take a toll on the spine and back. A professional stretch and spine alignment by a licensed chiropractor is recommended for those under extreme muscle stress. Cold shoulders, stiff neck and inflammation of the lower back are now common muscle ailments experienced even by men and women in their twenties.

Enjoying television on a massage chair can be the most relaxing self-care for a working professional. Working on a laptop, computer or phone can strain your neck and quickly exhaust your back muscles. After a tiring day at work, sitting down on a massage chair will refresh the body and improve blood circulation. 


Competitive gaming needs several hours of practice and it is important to have the perfect chair so that there are no negative side effects of extensive gameplay. The ultimate gaming chair will have massage features included that will warm muscles and keep them relaxed during difficult games and stressful strategies when competing on multiplayer games.  


There are massage chairs with a 6-head massage system, these different heads can perform Asian Shiatsu, tapping, kneading and rolling techniques of massage. These different techniques can be controlled with a remote control or control panel built into the armrest area. The navigational keys will be able to adjust the intensity of the message, change techniques, simutaenously power on multiple areas including the back, legs, neck and foot. The option to have a full body massage or control and target specific areas of the body makes the massage chair customizable and intuitive. The mechanised backrest and footrest can be adjusted according to each individual making it easy to share among family members or the office. 

Massage Techniques

The various massage chairs online will list all the techniques built into them. The most elaborate massage chairs can have Neck & Shoulder Massage, Ancient Roman Therapy, Turkish Treatment, Ancient Egyptian Massage, Greek Stress Relief, Indonesian Deep Tissue Therapy, New Delhi Yoga Stretching, Swedish Air-cell Therapy, and Hawaiian Sleeping Massage. The fact that these many massage techniques can be available at home at the touch of a button sounds incredibly relaxing. 

Health and Wellness

A massage chair can actually improve your overall health decreasing expensive trips and consultations from doctors, surgeons, chiropractors, and pain specialists. A massage chair can decrease painful symptoms of arthritis and diabetes. A massage chair is designed by experts and specialists in pain relief and management, they program it with multiple systems to rapidly help heal chronic body pain.

Recommended Brands

Beurer is a well-known brand for health and wellness, their range includes medical devices, devices for fitness, electronics especially for the care fo babies, beauty related items and general wellbeing in the home. They have massage chairs that can automatically scan the body and trigger massage areas where needed the most. The 3 main massage programs are Relax, Refresh and Therapy that each has its own functions and intensities. It is available in many colours and leather finishing that will blend into your home decor or office space. 

Price List

Model Price
JC Buckman ExhaltUs 4D Massage Chair with 6 Massa… Rs. 389,000
JC Buckman ComfortUs Foot Massager with 3 Program… Rs. 59,900
JC Buckman RelaxUs Neck and Back Massager with Sh… Rs. 24,900
Wheat Germ Oil Cold Pressed Pure Edible - Cooking… Rs. 245
Zero Healthcare U-Galaxy Massage Chair Black Rs. 179,000
JC Buckman RefreshUs Massage Chair Rs. 159,000
ToneUs -Body Shaper by JC Buckman Rs. 54,900
JC Buckman ReviveUs 3D Massage Chair Rs. 239,000
Almond Oil Sweet Cold Pressed Pure Edible - Cooki… Rs. 299
Natural Wood Comb Peach Wood no-static Massage Ha… Rs. 99
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