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The best price of Mattress in Pakistan is Rs. 3,520 and estimated average price is Rs. 39,505.


A whole variety of mattresses is available, depending on the firmness and material the prices also vary. Mattress sizes are standardised so they fit different beds. When picking one it is important to know what kind of mattress has what effect on the body and weight distribution, making ones sleep better.


An important appendage

A large rectangular pad that one sleeps on, fitting over the hard surface of a bed to provide cushioning. Mattresses are made of different materials, initially, natural fibres were packed to make them. Moving on to foam and then to mattresses with springs embedded inside and on. Picking the right mattress is important as it affects one's quality of sleep and has a lot to do with back health. If it isn't the right kind of mattress one can have pain and discomfort become a regular part of life.

Types of mattresses

The simple foam mattress is the basic, with different levels of hardness available. The softer foams have more give and the hard ones can be nearly as tough as a wooden surface. Gel mattresses have a layer above the foam base, the gel layer lets the bodyweight mould it so there is more support in the areas needed. The gel layer also helps dissipate heat better so if one generally feels warm while trying to sleep this might be a good choice. Memory foam does something similar, letting the hip and shoulder sink in and providing support to the spine. This helps attain a natural resting position, chiropractors also recommend memory foam for people with back issues. 

Latex mattresses are also one of the popular kind as well, made from a natural source making them better for the environment. Latex mattresses also breathe better and are very durable. There are companies that make latex using plastics as well. One of the most common kinds of mattresses are the ones with spings or coils embedded inside. Although these are bouncy and people find them comfortable, they are bad for the back. The weight distribution makes the person's body curve unless it has a lot of individual coils that can spread the weight evenly.

A water-based mattress also called a water bed, is good for people who sleep flat on their back. Some have no obstruction so the waves inside can move about freely, others come with fibres obstructing the movement of the water. If one finds the movement of water distracting they can opt for the version with less wave movement. Another kind is the air-filled mattress, these are usually the makeshift kind when a guest is over or if one is outdoors camping. With another version that is called the hybrid mattress, these combine springs, latex and memory foam. Giving the sleeper comfort and support, helping alleviate pains by responding to the body in multiple ways. Even today some mattresses have natural fibres packed into them instead of the synthetic threads.

Mattress sizes

The sizes move from along the scale, starting at Crib on to Twin. Then comes TwinXL, after which it is Full. The next three are Queen, King and Cal King. Different brands do have their own names for the sizes so it is better to check with the specific brand you are choosing.


A mattress protector will go a long way, making sure water and perspiration don't damage your mattress. It is also common to rotate and flip mattresses, this helps in case it is sinking in at one point more than the rest. Some materials need this to be done more often than others, so the frequency depends on the mattress one has. Once in a while, it is also good to lay out the mattress in the sun, getting some UV light to kill germs and freshen up any mouldy smells. Read the instruction tab on the mattress as well, different brands have some more specific care routines. Kids jumping on a spring embedded one might damage it.

Locally the two most famous brands are Molty Foam and Diamond Supreme Foam. The latter has one of the most classic commercial jingles from an ad in Pakistan, 'kaam kaam kaam' from the 1990s. The prices vary depending on which kind of mattress you are choosing and the size of the mattress. If there are any specific pains one is experiencing, it would be advisable to seek the input of an osteopath or chiropractor to figure which mattress would suit you.

Price List

Model Price
MoltySleep Memory Mattress Rs. 83,700
MoltyFoam Ortho Memory Mattress Rs. 68,300
MoltyFoam Ortho Memory Mattress Rs. 48,800
MoltySleep Delux Foam Mattress Rs. 64,200
Dura Cool Air Mattress Rs. 35,500
Dura Posturepedic Firm Mattress Rs. 16,400
Master MoltyFoam Mattress Rs. 37,800
Dura Cool Air Mattress Rs. 39,700
Master Moltyfoam Mattress Rs. 24,800
Dura Silent Night Plus Mattress Rs. 34,700
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