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Compare 48 prices from 16 stores.

Compare 48 prices from 16 stores.

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Rs. 4310 - Rs. 195000


Meat mincers are also called meat grinders, they are powered with an electronic motor that can quickly, safely and perfectly prepare beef, chicken and fish mince in minutes.


The meat mincer price in Pakistan depends if you purchase a manual or electric mincer. The manual meat mincer is an older device that had four components the funnel or barrel, grinder head tool, locking ring and a lever system to push through the meat. The electric meat mincer takes this traditional stainless steel device, adds a motor and an ABS plastic body to safeguard the system speeding up the process. It makes the entire process of preparing meat painless and safe for the home cook. It is easy to use and easy to clean, with removable parts that can be disinfected with dishwashing soap. The non-toxic ABS plastic outer body ensures the motor does not get damaged through the process and protects the hands from any electric shock. The stainless steel components are durable and long-lasting making it easy to store the machine in the kitchen cabinet. 

Burgers & Keema

Pakistani cuisine has a classic keema dish that is paired with vegetables often for regular home meals. Keema is a great way to store meat in the freezer when purchased in large quantities. The traditional kebabs are all made with minced meat and lots of home cooks prefer to make several trays of kebabs to store at home for guests and family. Having an electric or manual meat mincer makes it easy to create patties and kababs for delicious for large dinner parties and freezing to save time during the month when preparing meals.  

Popular Brands

The popular meat mincer available online includes Geepas, Simbo, Phillips and Westpoint that have entry-level to advanced models with various grinders and shredder heads helping home cooks save time and energy. 

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The best price of Meat Mincer in Pakistan is Rs. 4,310 and the estimated average price is Rs. 23,212.

Price List

Model Price
Meat Mincer GN-3350 Rs. 16,563
Commercial Meat Mincer Machine For Restaurant And… Rs. 26,500
Moulinex ME511H25 Meat Mincer Rs. 39,002
Philips HR2710/10 Meat Mincer Rs. 24,799
Philips HR2710/10 Meat mincer Rs. 29,900
Dawlance Meat Mincer DWMM-6001W Rs. 16,430
Commercial Small Appliances Meat Mincer Mc32n Rs. 195,000
Black & Decker Meat Mincer FM1500 Rs. 27,600
Anex AG-2049 Meat Mincer Rs. 30,437