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Medela Breast Pumps excel by integrating advanced features like the 2-Phase Expression and closed-system design, catering to diverse maternal needs. The brand's commitment to inclusivity is underscored by offering a varied selection of pump types and models, ensuring personalized solutions for every mother's unique circumstances.


Versatile Product Range

Medela's comprehensive line of products extends beyond breast pumps, catering to the diverse needs of mothers and babies with a focus on breastfeeding solutions, nursing accessories and baby care items.

Electronic & Manual Options

Medela Breast Pumps offer flexibility with both electronic and manual options. It ensures that mothers can choose the pump type that aligns best with their preferences and lifestyles.

Customizable Extraction

The electronic breast pumps from Medela come equipped with preprogrammed settings. This allows users to customize the speed and motion of the milk extraction process according to their comfort and efficiency preferences.

Single & Double Cup Options

Mothers can select between single and double cups based on their needs. The double cup option enables dual extraction, saving time for busy mothers while maintaining efficiency.

Comfortable Silicone Cups

Medela Breast Pumps feature cups made from soft silicone, providing a comfortable and adaptable fit. The design compensates for the natural variations in breast shapes, ensuring a snug and gentle experience.

Closed-System Design

The breast pumps from Medela are designed as closed systems, ensuring that the extracted milk is not exposed to external air during the process.

This feature enhances hygiene and preserves the quality of the expressed milk.

Compact & Portable

With a compact size, Medela Breast Pumps are designed for easy portability, allowing mothers to conveniently carry them wherever they go. The simple dismantling process facilitates quick and hassle-free cleaning.

Relief for Overproduction

Medela Breast Pumps prove especially beneficial for mothers experiencing overproduction, offering a practical solution to alleviate discomfort and manage excess milk production effectively.

Support for Donation

Medela Breast Pumps play a crucial role in supporting mothers who wish to donate their milk to babies in need. The pumps provide a reliable and efficient method for expressing and collecting milk for donation purposes, contributing to infant welfare.

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The best price of Medela Breast Pump in Pakistan is Rs. 1,699 and the estimated average price is Rs. 25,559.

Price List

Model Price
Medela Breast Pump Tubing Replacement Freestyle/S… Rs. 5,825
Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump Rs. 15,500
Medela Solo Single Electric Breast Pump Rs. 66,000
Medela City Style Breast Pump Bag Rs. 29,920
Medela PersonalFit Flex Breast Pump Connector Pk 2 Rs. 7,125
Medela Swing Maxi Flex 2-Phase Double Electric Br… Rs. 111,130
Tigex Multiflow Manual Breast Pump Rs. 6,500
Farlin Mother Electrical Breast Pump - AA-12002 Rs. 28,500
Certeza Manual Breast Pump BR-520 Rs. 2,500
Avent Plus Double Electric Breast Pump, SCF393/11 Rs. 194,660
Avent Manual Breast Pump, SCF430/01 Rs. 24,140
Farlin Breast Milk Saver Pump Rs. 2,370.25