Medela Cooler Bag Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Medela Cooler Bag in Pakistan is Rs. 19,250 and estimated average price is Rs. 20,507.


The Medela Cooler Bag can be used to transport milk for babies when you will be out for longer periods. By keeping the milk cool the life is extended.


The Medela Cooler Bag is designed to store four 5oz bottles of milk. To keep them cool there is an ice pack, which needs to be frozen beforehand for it to work.

Once the bottles are inside and the ice pack is fully frozen one gets up to 8 hours of time. The bag itself is made with insulation so the inside stays cool. The bottles that come with the Medela Cooler Bag are made without any BPAs, ensuring a healthier container for your baby's milk.

The Medela Cooler Bag would be great if you are travelling with your baby, allowing you to have milk that does not go bad for longer and also not needing to pump while you are on the go.

Medela has multiple other products along the same lines and the Cooler Bag also fits into the Medela Freestyle and Pump In Style Breast pump Bags.

Price List

Model Price
Medela Cooler Bag With 4 Breast Milk Bottle Rs. 19,250
Medela Cooler Bag With 4 Breast Milk Bottle 150 ml Rs. 21,765
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