Medora Nail Polish Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Medora Nail Polish in Pakistan is Rs. 195 and estimated average price is Rs. 196.


Nail polishes by Medora come in stunning colours and a diverse range of shades. You can buy individual nail polishes or get multiple shades in a pack. Some sets include multiple nail polishes in assorted shades or a lipstick with a matching nail polish. Check out Medora nail polish prices in Pakistan and choose from a wide collection of shades from this page.


Medora Nail Polish Shades

They come in a wide range of shades and it can be easily said that there isn't any shade that you cant find in this collection. Medora is known to house the biggest collection of nail polishes and lipsticks in Pakistan with subtle most hues to the brightest rich shades like bold red, Fuschia, chocolate brown etc. You can also find unusual colours like teal, turquoise, olive green, moss green etc. 

Quality & Finish

Despite being super affordable, nail polishes by Medora are no less than a high end branded product. Most of these nail polishes give a high shine finish and don't need a shiny topcoat, but if you like, you can add a nail varnish to further enhance the shine. You will also find funky shades with glitter particles in them that sparkle with every hand movement and are perfect for teenage girls. Other notable things are the amazing rich pigment in the shades. The application is smooth as the product just glides on your nails, bringing out the colour in a single coat. 

The best thing about nail polishes by Medora is that there is a matching lipstick in the exact same shade for most of the colours offered. You can buy from a wide collection of lipsticks, powders and nail polishes by Medora on our website. 

Price List

Model Price
MEDORA Nail Enamel- 305 Rs. 200
MEDORA Nail Enamel- 376 Rs. 200
MEDORA Nail Enamel- 317 Rs. 200
Medora Nail Enamel no 445 Rs. 195
Medora Nail Enamel No 603 Rs. 195
Medora Nail Enamel No 642 Rs. 195
Medora Nail Enamel No 168 Rs. 195
Medora Nail Enamel No 601 Rs. 195
Medora Nail Enamel No 606 Rs. 195
Medora Nail Enamel No 123 Rs. 195
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