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Overview has a special feature that sets it aside from other online stores, it is free of cost advice they provide to customers on best selling products.


Online Shopping Store

The efficient and reliable Cash on Delivery COD options allows those with no credit score or debit card to shop online from anywhere in the country as long as they have access to the internet and a screen. They also take payments as On Store Credit Card Charge, Online Bank Deposit, Cheque and a Bank Draft.

Their 3-day return policy helps built trust with their clients ensuring that they inspect the product to their own personal satisfaction without worrying about wasting any money. Free of cost replacement options can make shopping online convenient and economical. 

There are frequent discount and sales held on the online platform along with bundle and package deals. The customer service includes tracking of order, checkout assistance and helping clients locate their desired product via telephone. The option to stay in touch with a real person helps customers remain satisfied and gain trust in the website online transactions. Mega,pk can be reached on (03111)-634-275 or via email on [email protected]

Product Range 

There are branded products for consumer goods, home appliances, kitchen appliances, smartphones, fitness equipment, laptops, photography and videography, generators, air conditioners, ups and many other accessories for men and women. 

The latest mobiles, laptops, tablets, desktop computers, gaming consoles are available on at competitive prices. The high-quality Camera DSLR. LED TV, Laser Printers, Projectors. Monitors are ideal for professionals. The affordable internationally branded AC. Washing Machines and Kitchen Appliances provide home solutions on a wide range of price points.

There are stylish Watches for the office, home and wristwatches for personal usage. The Home Theater setup along with the latest Gaming CDs are favourite products for the experienced gamer. There are essential Car Navigation kits along with a huge variety of accessories for various category segments. 

Advice On Products will highlight the popular products available on the website such as Casio and Apple products. It provides ratings and review on smartphones from Xiaomi, Samsung, iPhone, Lenovo, Infinix, Huawei and OPPO.

The high-grade laptop and computers include HP and Dell. Covering the latest trends and showcasing products to help clients navigates millions of items on their website. They have well known brands such as internally known Mitsubishi to locally manufactured Dawlance 

Brands Available

They have products by Acer, Asus, Black Berry, HTC, LG, Nokia, Panasonic, Philips. Q Mobile, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba older and newer generation models. Local brand such as Haier, EcoStar, Edifier and FreeCom are also available. The Fujifilm, Fujitsu, Genius, Gigabyte Gree, iFace and Kingston are included into their product listing. The Linksys and Logitech devices are up to date and at budget prices.

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