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The best price of Meiji Big 3 Vanilla in Pakistan is Rs. 785 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,931.


A milk powder that is designed as a nutritional supplement to the diet of babies, Meiji Big 3 Vanilla is for kids that are 1 and over, the vanilla flavour makes it easier to consume, especially being one of the more neutral flavours.


Meiji Big 3 Vanilla is for babies above 1 year of age and the vanilla flavour makes it a lot more palatable for babies to consume. Made with all kinds of nutrition so the baby has better physical and mental health, with certain elements that are added specifically for better immunity.

The Meiji Big 3 Vanilla contains vitamins A, C, K, D, and E and a mix of the different B variants. The various minerals include calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, copper, zinc and more. DHA is added for better mental development as well as the development of the retina.

The FOS is a known prebiotic that improves the amount of beneficial microbial life in the intestine. There are five nucleotides that along with taurine, vitamin A and FOS are known to help the immune system.

Overall Meiji Big 3 Vanilla is a well-balanced formulation that helps kids in many ways. It can be made part of the regular routine and is often used for kids who are ill or malnourished.

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Model Price
Meiji Big 3 Vanilla Growning Up Fromula Powder Dr… Rs. 4,136
Meiji Big Vanilla 3 +DHA (400Gms) Rs. 785
Meiji Big Vanilla, Gowing-Up Formula, Stage 3, 40… Rs. 1,855
Meiji Big No. 3, Growing-Up Formula, Vanilla, 900g Rs. 3,995
Meiji Big Growing Up Formula Vanilla Stage 3 From… Rs. 2,990
Meiji Big 3 Vanilla Growning Up Fromula Powder Dr… Rs. 4,136
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