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Mendeez is a brand that has easy access to men's underwear and casual clothing. The range includes various kinds of underwear, pants, shirts, bedtime wear, socks and warmer clothing. The quality is good with simple and functional designs, and the use of cotton; a comfortable fabric. Mendeez is also a great choice as the prices are all in an affordable range.


If underwear for men is what you are looking for or casual clothing such as t-shirts and shorts or pants, Mendeez is a great choice. The brand produces simply designed wear that is all about their function and comfort. The colours at Mendeez are mostly greys, reds, black, white, blue and khakis; in line with keeping things simple. A few products have some minimalist kinds of patterns on them.

There are multiple options for all the products. Underwears come in the brief, boxer brief, woven boxer shorts, boxer trunks and jersey boxer shorts format. You can choose the one that you like based on the fit you prefer and the type of material. All of these options are made from cotton so you are in a breathable material that helps you get perspiration out.

The t-shirts are available in crew neck, v neck and with the henley design as well. One can choose between full sleeved ones or half-sleeved ones. There is also the option for vests or tank tops for men. Again cotton is the material used, making for comfortable wear. The pants are all the jogging type of sporty pants or as they are also known today as athleisure and are tapered, thinning towards the ankles.

Pyjamas are made from either woven materials or jersey fabric. The choice is yours, based on what you are most used to or prefer. The waist with the jersey options don't have a drawstring and are an elastic band fit. The design is neat with some that have checks or camo print. There are also jersey shorts that are for sleeping. The other shorts are casual wear shorts which are ideal for the summer months.

Aside from all this Mendeez also produces bathrobes for post-shower comfort.


Overall the quality of Mendeez products is good, with affordable prices that make them accessible.

Price List

Model Price
Bruise V-neck Full Sleeve T-Shirt Rs. 1,590
Jersey Boxer Shorts - Pack of 5 Rs. 3,490
Jersey Boxer Shorts - Pack of 3 Blue Rs. 2,490
Swan Butter Boxer Shorts Rs. 1,490
Blues Woven Boxer Shorts Rs. 1,290
Georgia Woven Boxer Shorts Rs. 1,290
Jersey Boxer Shorts - Pack of 3 Colors Rs. 2,490
Grey Alba Jogger Pants Rs. 2,290
Sober Boxer Brief Rs. 1,290
Charcoal Boxer Trunk Rs. 1,290
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