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The best price of Men'S Clothing in Pakistan is Rs. 35 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,254.


Men's clothing is a broad term that applies to pretty much any form of attire needed for a man's wardrobe. This includes shalwar kameez, pants, shirts, underwear, warm clothes and more. One can choose based on what they need or want. There are endless styles as a lot of local and international brands are available for most items. The prices range from affordable to expensive based on the specific brand and item.


Men's clothing

One's wardrobe needs to have all the essentials for the various places one dresses up for. Men's clothing is a broad term that covers everything. In Pakistan, one of the most basic items of wear is shalwar kameez and one can find a lot of different brands that produce them. Brands such as Khaadi, J., Bareeze Man and many more. Shalwar kameez is worn by people at weddings with a waistcoat that makes it a bit more formal, at times people will wear a blazer on top for the same purpose and they are also the standard garb for Eid.

The other main attire for men is shirts and pants. The shirts can be formal or semi-formal depending on the occasion. Pants range from formal to jeans, to chinos and on to linen. For even more casual clothing men can opt for t-shirts; which can also be worn with shorts if it is warm.

Formal wear includes dress pants, formal shirts and also suits. These are needed for the office at times and also are worn at weddings. Locally there are brands which produce suits and in recent years have been able to produce a good level of quality. Along with suits one also needs ties, there is ample choice when it comes to those as well. With a mix of designs that include block colours, printed designs or woven patterns too.

Men's winter clothing

Warm clothes are also a need as the winter months are unbearable otherwise. Men can find jackets, hoodies and sweaters. The jackets are made from various materials and in varying styles. There are longer jackets made from wool or leather jackets that have a liner inside for warmth. One can find a lot of different cuts when it comes to jackets, you can choose based on the style you like and your specific need.

A hoodie goes a long way, especially since it can also cover one's head; a very functionally sound feature for the winter. Hoodies can be plain or have graphic art on them, in large part as they are associated with the hip-hop street style. Sweaters come in a lot of different knits and cut too. For instance, a cable knit sweater is a classic and is also super warm due to how it is knitted, on the other hand, a regular weave can be made thinner if the sweater has to be worn under a formal jacket. Formal sweaters also often have a slight V-neck so the shirt's collar and tie are visible. Sweaters too have patterns or designs woven into them.

More options

Other men's clothing options include the necessities such as socks, vests and underwear. One can also find sports jackets, which are light and are used to provide some light protection, especially from a breeze.

Track pants are a very common attire these days; part of the athleisure trend. This is due to the lifestyle around working out and also the fact that the new fabrics and blends have become super comfortable, making for functional clothes which are easy to wear as well.


Given there are so many different options for men's clothes, it is a matter of what one is looking for specifically. Various things are made from their own kind of materials, clothes aside from the warm ones are generally prefered in cotton. This is because cotton is comfortable and is a breathable material. Other materials include silk, wool and polyester.

The prices vary a lot, in large based on the brand one chooses. There are local brands for a lot of the above-mentioned clothes and imported ones too. Prices can range from affordable to very expensive depending on the specific item you choose to purchase.

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Cool Water Men Rs. 540
Gio Armani Men Rs. 510
Mania Men Rs. 510
Noir Men Rs. 450
Sparx - Women Rs. 1,199
Rocco Jogger Rs. 1,476
Sweatshirt Cotton Fleece Article For Men & Women … Rs. 897
Mocassino - Men Rs. 2,999
Waistcoat For Men Rs. 4,893
Formal Trouser for Men SKU: BA1458-Grey Rs. 2,793
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