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One of the simplest items of clothing that has been around since before history was recorded. A men's shawl can be made from different kinds of materials with wool bring the go-to. The price of the shawl varies and depends on size and material.


An Ancient Clothing Item

This is a simple clothing item that is designed to keep the wearer warm, probably one of the first such items after fur and leather. A shawl is worn loosely around the shoulders and also wraps the body. At times, if it is very cold, people also drape it over the head.

Design & Materials

Men's shawls are mostly in a rectangle shape, there are of course some other variations possible as well. A men's shawl is generally larger in size. The colours available are endless, a lot of which are plain; but many also have a pattern along the border. 

Materials vary for men's shawls, with wool being the most commonly used as the idea is to keep a person warm. One can find many different varieties of wool alone. The more expensive and well-known ones are Pashmina and Shahtoosh.

Pashmina is also known as Cashmere in the west, this is due to its origins in Kashmir. Shahtoosh is a banned material today as the animal it comes from belongs to the endangered species.

Regular qualities of wool are used as well, with some shawls also made from mixed materials that include polyester.


A men's shawl can cost a few hundred or a few hundred thousand, depending on what wool has been used, with size also being a factor. One can choose the apt shawl based on what their budget is.

Price List

Model Price
Winter Shawl For Mens HB-709 Rs. 3,650
Mens Shawl HB-721 Rs. 3,700
Mens Shawl HB-718 Rs. 3,750
Mens Shawl HB-723 Rs. 3,800
Mens Shawl HB-715 Rs. 3,800
Mens Shawl HB-722 Rs. 3,800
Mens Shawl HB-716 Rs. 3,800
Mens Shawl HB-719 Rs. 3,800
Mens Shawl HB-714 Rs. 4,000
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Compare 19 prices from 5 stores.

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