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The best price of Metal Detector in Pakistan is Rs. 86,250 and estimated average price is Rs. 86,250.


A regular security feature in most public buildings, the metal detector works by using electromagnetism. Being able to sense weapons made of metal, or any other metal objects. Also used by people to hunt for metal antiques in areas of archaeological interest. The price of a metal detector depends on the specific kind it is, a handheld version would be cheaper than a walkthrough security gate.

Pros & Cons


  • Specific to only metal in an era where a gun can be 3D printed


Metal detector functionality

Mostly used for security purposes these days the metal detector is a simple contraption, with some differences but the most common workings are based on electromagnetism. The electromagnetism passing through the metal detector affects metal. It makes a current pass through the metal which creates another magnetic field, this latter field is detected by the device. Once it detects that it clicks or as is more common it beeps.

Different forms of the same

There are many versions of these metal detectors with common ones being in the shape of a wand that security personnel pass over people as they walk through doors. To make it easier at times the metal detector is like a door frame so you just walk through and if there is any metal on the person it beeps. The more classic shape is the one used to detect underground objects, often seen in movies and on beaches while people hunt for scrap or gold coins at ancient sites.

Uses of metal detectors

Over the years these have been very handy at airports, hotels, government offices and various other locations that need to be secure. Given the state of things in the world metal detectors can really help add another layer of security to your premises. Or if you want to go treasure hunting.

The price of a metal detector depends on which kind it is, the larger walkthrough doors would cost more compared to the handheld wand.

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Zkteco ZK-D1065S Walk Through Metal Detector Rs. 86,250
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